How to Pick, Style, and Care for Your Baskets

Chances are, when you look around your home, you likely have a few baskets here and there proudly displayed. If not, whether you're looking to declutter your entryway, organize your home office, or turn your home into a cozy, organized masterpiece with functional charm, baskets are the versatile solution you've been searching for. Are you looking for a stylish solution for organizing throws in your living room? Woven baskets can turn your living room into a welcoming haven. Or do you need sturdy baskets for laundry storage in the bathroom? Or to finally bid farewell to closet chaos? These timeless pieces bring form and function to your home. Understanding their purpose will guide your selection process. Let's take a look at how to pick, style, and care for your baskets. 


Pick The Perfect Woven Basket 

Set of baskets with Handles

First things first: selecting the right basket starts with understanding its purpose. Are you aiming to tame toy chaos in the family room or create a spa-like oasis in your bathroom? The function will dictate the size and shape you need. I love to mix different materials like wicker or seagrass to add texture and depth to a space. Think of them as stylish accessories that can tie together your room's decor while keeping things neat and tidy.  Appealing enough to sit out and be used and displayed in any space, they do the job of keeping your stationery or books organized, laundry hampers, or as an extra storage sturdy statement piece in every room. The perfect resting spot for those things you need on hand.


Consider the basket size

Woven baskets come in endless shapes and various sizes. If planning to use a woven basket to move from room to room, to hold toys easy for young ones to lift on their own-to-house cleaning supplies, you will want to opt for a smaller, lighter basket. If for storing off-season clothes in a closet or a basket that will remain in one place for a while—it can be heavier and bulkier in size.

Next, explore the variety of styles and shapes available and beyond their practicality as accents in a room for visual interest.


Pick a basket style that suites your home 

Select a woven basket that best fits your existing décor and your style.

  • Seagrass baskets tend to lean more coastal or boho chic.
  • Whereas Hyacinth baskets are more of a classic look.
  • Natural materials such as palm and rattan give your space an airy feel.
  • Rope baskets can help store things while blending in with almost any décor. 


Find the purpose of the basket

basket with books and decor

Of course, selecting a basket that is a new style to you can be a great way to change up the aesthetic in a room. As some baskets are pricier than others, determining their purpose before investing is a great option. A basket in the bedroom may experience extra wear and tear, whereas if placed in the living room to hold coffee table books or photo albums may lean more towards luxe. In that case, mix and match different baskets with durable construction of tightly woven rattan and rope.


Styling Your Baskets 

sisal baskets

Once you've picked out your baskets, it's time to think about how to incorporate baskets into your home decor. The key is to blend functionality with visual appeal – choose colors and weaves that complement your existing decor scheme. Baskets aren't just for hiding clutter; they're design elements in their own right. Try using larger baskets as statement pieces in your living room to store blankets or magazines, or smaller ones to keep your office supplies organized and easily accessible.


basket for plants

Say goodbye to the days of rummaging through bedroom shelves and bring order to the chaos in your home office. Toss in your throws, stash away magazines, or corral toys for a chic haven of style. Use larger baskets as captivating planters in your living room, creating lush greenery corners or vibrant herb gardens. From coffee table centerpieces to bathroom storage, these functional décor pieces prove that affordability and style can go hand in hand. Who said practical couldn't be pretty. 


Now, let’s talk maintenance. Like any piece of decor, baskets need a little TLC to stay looking their best.

Basket Care Tips: Keeping Your Woven Beauties Fresh and Functional

Chevron White Basket Close up of the woven rope used in storage baskets

Handle Stains with Care

Cleaning woven baskets is a breeze to keep them looking fresh and fabulous. Preserve the beauty of woven baskets with regular, gentle upkeep. Use these tips to keep your baskets looking stylish and well cared for. Use a thin cloth or a soft duster to gently wipe away dust from the surface of your baskets. This helps maintain their natural beauty and prevents buildup.

For stubborn stains, dampen a cloth with warm water and add a small amount of mild soap. Gently blot or rub the stained area. Some materials may be more sensitive to moisture or cleaning agents. Avoid harsh scrubbing to prevent damage to the weave.

Avoid Excess Moisture and Sunlight Sensitivity

While a damp cloth is okay for cleaning, be cautious about excessive moisture. Woven baskets may lose shape or develop mold if exposed to prolonged dampness. Wipe them dry immediately after cleaning. Keep woven baskets away from direct sunlight, as too much sun exposure can cause fading or discoloration. Rotate the position of your baskets occasionally to ensure even aging.

Use a Soft Brush and Spot Test New Cleaners

If your basket has intricate weaves or hard-to-reach areas, a soft brush (like a toothbrush) can be effective for cleaning. Gently brush away dust or debris without putting too much pressure on the weave. If you're considering a new cleaning product, perform a small spot test on the basket to ensure it won't cause discoloration or damage. This is especially important for baskets made of natural materials. Pay extra attention to handles and any decorative trim. Clean these areas gently, and avoid putting excessive weight on handles to prevent them from loosening or breaking.

Dry Thoroughly To Preserve Your Basket

After cleaning or if your basket gets wet, ensure it dries thoroughly. Place it in a well-ventilated area and, if necessary, use a fan to speed up the drying process. This prevents the growth of mold or mildew. The key to preserving the beauty of woven baskets is regular, gentle maintenance. Use these tips to keep your baskets looking stylish and well cared for.


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I hope this inspires you to rethink how you use baskets in your home – they truly are the heroes of organization and design. Let me know how you like to style your baskets or any tips you have for keeping them looking their best


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