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Explore The Home Collections For Every Space

  • area rug in living room


    Lay the groundwork by highlighting your bedroom or living area with a patterned rug or blend with rugs to anchor high-traffic zones like your kitchen or entryway.

  • Wall art in home setting


    Bring those blank walls to life with inspired artful decorative elements. Make a statement with inspired wall art to complete your living space.

  • Coffee Tables Woodka Interiors


    Whether you prefer a modern and minimalist, or contemporary style our growing collection of coffee tables ensures that you find the perfect pieces.

  • coastal decor for the home


    Natural textures, and seaside-inspired accents that evoke the relaxed, carefree vibe of coastal living. All handpicked coastal decor to give your home that relaxed seaside charm.

  • vase and decor objects on shelf


    Revamp your coffee table, book shelves and table tops into a stylish focal point by mixing a variety of table ornaments and homeware sure to bring life and personality to any room.

Shine Bright With Lighting

lluminate your home with our stylish lighting solutions, featuring modern lamps, chandeliers, and pendants

  • Pendant and hanging lights Woodka Interiors


    Hanging Lights above your dining table, over the kitchen island or in the entryway adds depth and dimension.

  • Glass and Gold Table Lamp


    Table lamps set the mood, highlight the stars (your furniture and artwork), and create a captivating ambiance.

  • Floor Lamps for Home Decor


    Floor Lamps create soft, gentle illumination while fostering a cozy and intimate setting in the home.

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Create a Cozy Haven with Our Home Styling Essentials

The essence of home styling – where each decor piece is a thoughtful addition becoming a part of a larger story – the story of your home.

Homeware, Furniture & Decor Accents

A beautiful home requires beautiful objects. Woodka Interiors décor objects and furniture will elevate and personalize the interior of your home. Our online home decor store aspires to transform any area of your home, whether with a decorative modern tray or inspired home accessory to complete your home design and provide the finishing touches to your living spaces!!

Our decor selection includes but not limited to helping you find decor pieces:

Shop for aesthetically pleasing and stylish décor items for your home with our selection of luxurious furniture in categories like occasional chairs, coffee tables, designer lighting, stylish rugs, and stunning mirrors, or find thoughtful housewarming gifts such as beautifully wrapped candles, elegant vases, and stylish coasters. Looking for the perfect last-minute gift? Share the joy of home with a gift card sent directly to your loved one’s email.