5 Ways to Use Baskets for Decor and Storage in Your Home

In countless options of shapes and sizes, woven baskets are perfect for storing all kinds of things. Eye-catching accents to indispensable storage vessels. Whether holding fresh produce or organizing kitchen tools, in the bedroom to store extra linens and accessories, decorative baskets effortlessly find a place amid the hustle and bustle for the home's everyday essentials. These versatile woven containers aren't just for stashing away odds and ends from chaos into order; baskets add textural elegance to your space as effortlessly stylish storage vessels throughout the home. Let your home tell a story of both style and organization, with these 5 simple ways to use baskets for storage and to decorate the home.


Creative Ways to Fuse Baskets as Decoration and Storage  

With the versatile charm of storage baskets, give your built-ins an attractive, cohesive look with two or three baskets as shelf storage. Pull out a handy woven tray when guests arrive for the holidays filled with lotions, soaps, and refreshing essentials—all neatly tucked in a beautifully curated basket. And keep the serenity of a well-organized bedside with extra bedding in baskets as a cozy home within arm's reach at the foot of your bed.


1. House Plant Holder

belly basket with a articial plant

Using baskets as planters make for a stunning decorative feature to house a gorgeous tree. Baskets are lighter than typical planters, making it easy to move from room to room. Consider using larger baskets for floor plants and smaller ones for tabletop arrangements. Place the pot directly inside or replant the contents using a liner to protect your basket. You might also want to be sure you remove the plant and clean the stand with a dry cloth occasionally. Woven baskets complement the natural elements of plants, creating a harmonious and organic look.

storage basket for plants next to side table

And you got an effortless planter... Simply place your favorite faux plant inside your basket. A simple way to give an area an instant update...what's not to love about this. 

Here's why this idea is an absolute charmer: Whether it's a corner in need of a refresh, a bare tabletop, or an overlooked nook, the natural allure of faux greenery against the rustic charm of the basket instantly revitalizes any area, bringing life to spaces both large and small. After all, who can resist the enchantment of an instant update that brings nature and style indoors.


2. The Bathroom Must-Have Accessory 

baskets as shelves in bathroom storage
Upgrade your bathroom storage by swapping out traditional shelves for woven baskets. A gorgeous basket can keep things unseen, like dirty laundry. Roll towels, organize products. Tuck them away on a floating shelf in your bathroom to hold other handy knickknacks out of sight, keeping your space tidy.
storage basket solutions for bathroom ideas

It also adds a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom décor. Another great decorative touch for the bathroom is displaying a few baskets in different sizes and designs. Use for hand towels, hand soap, plants, toiletries, and all sorts of small essentials. 

Here's why this idea is an absolute charmer: Bid farewell to the chaos of scattered toiletries. With baskets as your decor accomplices, you not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also create an organized haven where every item finds its home. From mere necessities to stylish accents, arranging them in charming baskets is a simple storage solution that adds flair to your space.


3. A Basket for Small Keepsakes

Small Basket for trinkets and small keepsakes

A small basket for your everyday throw and go to essentials such as car keys, wallet, or jewelry. Great for an everything in its place person, as it creates a tidy look when coming and going. Some baskets come with a lid or handle providing a quick way to clear a room before the company arrives, making it a storage show-off piece first and an organizational piece second.

Here's why this idea is an absolute charmer: With a small basket at the front entrance or office table, your essentials are at your disposal within arm's reach. And your designated basket becomes the stylish keeper of your Grab-and-Go essentials. Why settle for ordinary when your everyday essentials can be showcased with style.


4. Keep Tables Free of Clutter 

Table Basket Tray for kitchen and coffee table

An attractive table setting with a low tray basket designed with side handles is perfect for a large kitchen island or a to style a coffee table. A tray for display or storage surfaces for vanity organization or a bed tray.


Woven basket on floor in office used to store magazines

A lovely rope basket would work well for items like office desk accessories or entryway organization to organize candles, pens, and other tabletop items. It could hold special notes or mementos, a piece used as a display item and an organizational item. Keeping organized to easily see and find what you are looking for is ideal for the modern office. Smaller baskets can corral keys, sunglasses, or mail, ensuring that your home office remains functional and clutter-free.

Here's why this idea is an absolute charmer: Say goodbye to clutter as your table basket steps in as an organizer extraordinaire, stylish table tray, the centerpiece of your kitchen island and beyond. Whether it's gracing your office or coffee table or serving morning tea as a bed tray, this versatile addition effortlessly becomes the focal point of your table setting.


5. Pillow and Blanket Storage

Baskets used for storage in living room

Keep a basket next to your couch for cozy throw blankets. There is no shame in wanting your blankets out for others to see especially throws with different textures and color's. Using a wicker basket gives you easy reach to your throws in a more modern, compact way instead of looking too cluttered. Easily roll them up into a little batch and tuck them inside your basket. This also makes the basket double as a leisure décor piece.

Storage basket for blankets and pillows

Baskets are an easy storage solution you can use for every room in the home. Simply place a basket on the floor next to your sofa or side table and fill it with blankets for a comfy storage solution. Find a larger open basket to hold those extra pillows too. Large baskets are great to store extra blankets within reach. Whether it's neatly folded throws or a collection of the kids favorite accessories, these baskets provide a home for everything. Using baskets allows an easy way to find and reach what they need while still looking fresh and sleek.

Here's why this idea is an absolute charmer: This cozy arrangement is a game-changer. No more rummaging through closets; instead, indulge having blankets, throws or soft furnishings neatly stored within easy reach.


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