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Mirrors For Every Room  

Entryway Mirror

Mirrors are a two-in-one deal to your entryway. Mirrors is a functional tool for a last-minute glance before stepping out the door and a stylish decoration that adds personality to your entrance. Round mirrors bring a softer look and add light and airiness to small spaces making the room feel twice as spacious. When paired with plants in pots or baskets on the floor for a grounded look or reflect decorative vases or stunning sculptures on the console table or shelf nearby, it becomes more than just a reflective surface but a stylish focal point in the entryway.

Mirror For The Living Room

Beyond its decorative appeal, especially for those with limited square footage, a well-placed mirror can work wonders, making the living room feel larger and more spacious. Square mirrors or rectangle mirrors highlight your home’s architectural features. Not only do mirrors draw attention to them on their own, but when styled with other decorative items and when you place them just right, mirrors can also bring a touch of the great outdoors inside by reflecting the natural beauty around your home. 

Bedroom Mirror

Having a mirror in the bedroom, whether it's for getting ready in the morning or just adding a bit of style to the room, is one of those things that can really pull the whole space together. There are lots of ways to use a mirror to enhance your bedroom. Oversized floor mirrors make a bold statement and maximize the effect when placing your mirror opposite a bright window to double the light in your room. Leaning a floor mirror against the wall is a chic option that creates a sense of space and depth in the bedroom. It's easy to do and gives off a relaxed, effortless vibe. Hang a wall mirror opposite your bed if you're all about balance and symmetry or as part of a gallery wall arrangement with other artwork.

Mirror for the Bathroom

Definitely worth considering for your bathroom upgrade as the focal point of your bathroom wall. Whether you hang a sleek, simple mirror or a large decorative mirror in a unique shape or intricate frame design, it's all about adding that extra layer of functionality and style to your bathroom space.