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A well-lit home welcomes you, instantly lifting your spirits with a sense of warmth, and makes a stylish statement in every corner, even when the lights are off. Lighting can transform the entire experience of the home, whether for illumination of soft shine with a hanging light in the dining area or the bold radiance of adding lighting elements such as floor and table lamps to compliment the statement pendant light in the living room. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for lighting illumination and layering with lighting to bring the feeling of a well-lit home into your spaces.

Style Tips No.01

Create Intentional Lighting Illuminations


In the Entryway, from the moment you step inside, create a welcoming atmosphere with the striking appeal of a table lamp on one side of your console or dresser with a decorative vase to a stack of books or a piece of artwork styled on the opposite side. The captivating asymmetrical look infuses a touch of modernity that delights the eye from every angle.

Lighting Ideas for the living Room by Woodka Interiors


In the living room, strive for a welcoming ambiance for yourself and your guests. Achieve this by layering lighting throughout the space. A combination of table lamps and a floor lamp topped off with a stunning overhead hanging light fixture will fill the room with a warm, overall glow, ensuring that every corner feels inviting and cozy, making a lasting impression on all who enter.


Take advantage of all kinds of lighting fixtures in the living room to illuminate and highlight furnishings and create a warm overall appearance. A floor lamp to extend lighting can be arranged on the side or behind a sofa as a stylish addition. Place table lamps on end tables or on a console table to add a beam of coherent light and soft illumination to spruce up a dull area. If you have wall space to spare, add sleek modern wall scones to add ambient light to the room while allowing the living area to feel open, inviting, and spacious. If overhead lighting is a better fit, consider a pendant light fixture, they provide the perfect balance in the space with much-needed ample lighting.


For the bedroom, set the scene for relaxation and comfort. Above the bed, hang a sleek pendant fixture for overall illumination, with bedside lamps on the nightstand to provide additional brightness when needed.



Style Tips No.02

Layer With Lighting

By layering your lighting, you can tailor the atmosphere to suit any activity or mood, creating a truly personalized sanctuary within your home and as you wind down for the night. Let the dynamic trio of pendant lights, table, and floor lamps be the key when designing a lighting masterpiece in spaces. Strategize where each light should be. Let's use the bedroom as an example of lighting placement.  


Strive for a bedroom retreat that lets the soft, dim lighting signal your body that it's time to relax and rest. Strategize where each light should be, and voila- No dark corners, just a well-balanced, visually stunning space that invites you to relax and unwind. To achieve a layered look in the bedroom, place a pendant light over the bed and coordinate with bedside lamps of similar design on your nightstands. Brighten areas by including a standing lamp in the corner of your room near the dresser. If you have an armchair or reading nook, arrange standing lamp lighting to illuminate exactly where you need it. These same principles can be applied to the living area as well.

Lighting ideas for the bedroom by Woodka Interiors



Quick tip

Complement interior spaces by coordinating lighting throughout your home for a modern mixed look.

Natural pendant light for your home Decor




Style Tips No.03

Unify Spaces with Contrasting Lighting Styles

Contrast with lighting in an open-concept space. Matching finishes or complementary shapes between your kitchen pendants and the light fixture over the dining table can create a level of harmony between the fixtures while tying together the different areas.

lighting ideas in the kitchen by Woodka interiors




For lighting ideas in the kitchen, adding two or three small pendant lights directly over your kitchen island accentuates it ambient lighting and as a focal point. Wall lights can be the alternative to downlights as focus lighting illumination onto specific areas for prepping and the sink, and then there's the practical charm of under cabinet lighting and toe kick lighting for a stylish touch that offers different levels of illumination adding a subtle yet a well-lit foundation to the kitchen space.


Similarly, lighting ideas for the dining area, placing table lamps on a console contrast beautifully with surrounding elements and with hanging lights over a dining table. Pair sleek glass table lamps against a backdrop of neutral walls with wooden hanging lights for a modern and natural look. For a minimalist feel, metal lamps offer a sleek and focused spotlight over the dining table while maintaining an understated vibe.



Lighting Ideas For the Home



All Lighting Ideas For the Home by Woodka Interiors


From entryways to dining rooms and bedrooms, statement home lighting fixtures (like these) brings a sleek modern appeal to any room as a chic accessory.

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