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Objects of different heights and sizes result in a layered design

  • visually appealing & functional centerpieces

    It's like adding the perfect accessories to your favorite outfit – but for your coffee table.

Coffee Table Decor

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    Standout Object

    Refresh your coffee table with a bold sculpture as a focal point as a statement maker for a well-styled table.

Decor to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Stylish Coffee Table Display​

Your coffee table acts as the centerpiece, tying together the look of your living room. It's the gathering space where you serve tea or style with your favorites of decorative accents. Styling your table with trays helps organize items and combined with coffee table decor treasures like glass trinkets, succulents in bowls, and a stack of well-loved books styled together create a cohesive look to your coffee table as a visually appealing and functional centerpiece.

Make Your Coffee Table Decor Stand Out

Enhancing the living room revolves around achieving the perfect balance and harmony with a well-styled coffee table display. To keep things balanced, follow the rule of thirds. Place a large glass vase or vessel slightly off-center, occupying about one-third of the space. Now, fill the rest with smaller accent pieces in vibrant shades like adorable planters filled with succulents or ferns. Pop in some quirky, abstract sculptures for that “oh-la-la” modern touch. This way, you styled your table with a visually appealing arrangement without anything feeling too crowded or empty.