Collection: Placemats & Coasters

Versatile Collection: Placemats and Coasters

Transform your dining experience with placemats, adding style and functionality to your tabletop. Shield your table from spills and crumbs while elevating its aesthetic appeal with high-quality placemats and coasters. Whether you lean towards simplicity, the vibrancy of colorful mats and coasters, or something in between, our collection caters to all. 

Effortless Protection with Placemats and Coasters

In various patterns, materials from disposable to reusable, and colors that align with your unique style, dining table mats bring an extra layer of sophistication to your meals. From round placemats and mirror coasters to effortlessly protect and adorn your table, ensuring a visually appealing and well-protected tablescape. The versatility of placemats and coasters complement each other, ensuring your table setting is not only visually appealing but also well-protected. Our versatile range strikes a perfect balance between chic design and practical functionality for every dining experience.

Festive Makeovers and Seasonal Swaps

For special occasions and holidays, easily give your tablescape a festive makeover by swapping your regular placemats for seasonal counterparts. Choose from rectangular champagne gold placemats, or welcome floral kitchen disposable placemats and matching coasters to get your eating area ready for the joys of spring.

Style and Functionality in Every Setting

Curious about what a placemat is? It's a rectangular, round, or square piece of fabric, vinyl, or woven material placed under a setting to protect the dining table. While commonly used in less formal settings like kitchen tables, our table mats seamlessly transition to formal occasions, providing versatility in both style and functionality.