5 Ways To Display Artwork Throughout The Home

Transforming Everyday Corners into Galleries of Expression

Showcase Artwork Across Your Living Spaces

Woodka Interiors Top 5 Ways to Showcase Artwork Across Your Living Spaces

No.01 In The Kitchen
No.02 In the Bathroom
No.03 Along The Hallway
No.04 Display In Shelves
No.05 Lean against the Wall

Instead of the confines of traditional galleries and living room walls, explore the possibilities of infusing personality into every nook and cranny of your home. Innovative ways to showcase artwork in areas of the home, including small or overlooked areas. Using these spaces with captivating art galleries brings opportunities to turn every corner into a canvas expressing your personality through art. Infusing an additional burst of personality with classic and timeless artwork creates a focal point that demands attention – lean it, hang it, or bring your art together in a stylish group.


Display No.01

Hang In The Kitchen

Wall art decor hanging in the kitchen

Don't limit artwork to traditional spaces. Just like in other rooms, place art pieces in the kitchen to infuse personality into the kitchen. Hanging artwork in the kitchen can add a touch of personality to this often-utilitarian space. Hanging on open wall areas above countertops or along backsplashes can be ideal spots.


Display No.02

Wall Art In the Bathroom

Wall art in the bathroom

Hang artwork above the bathtub, on the back of the bathroom door, or create a gallery wall in a powder room for an unexpected touch of sophistication. For a large bathroom, create a gallery wall with a collection of smaller artwork. Choose moisture-resistant pieces such as acrylic or sealed canvas options or frame them to protect them from humid conditions.


Display No.03

Wall Art Along The Hallway

Wall Art Along The Hallway

Consider a mix of framed photographs, paintings, or even a series of small sculptures into mini galleries by arranging a collection of artwork along the hallway. Whether it's a larger artwork, a series of related pieces, or next to a strategically placed sculpture, use the hallway as a visual storytelling space, displaying art pieces that hold sentimental value or reflect a theme.


Display No.04

On and In Shelves

wall art displayed on shelf

Shelves to display and rotate your art pieces can be a dynamic and organized approach to styling your decor. Prop larger pieces at the back and lean smaller pieces in front. This layering technique adds dimension to your display and prevents a flat, one-dimensional look. Layer artwork with other decor elements like textiles, plants, or decorative objects. This multidimensional look adds richness to your home styling.


Display No.05

Lean Artwork Against the Wall

Large Wall Art Leaning Against the Wall
Create a story-leaning artwork against a wall. It's laid-back and gives your space an instant art gallery vibe. Use shelves or ledges to display smaller pieces or a rotating selection of art. This approach provides flexibility and allows for easy updates to your decor. The opening chapter introduces a casual, approachable vibe, inviting guests into a space that prioritizes comfort and ease.

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