Collection: Monkey Lights: Table Lamps & Hanging Lights

Monkeying Around with Style: Illuminate Your Home with Personality

a statue monkey table lamps sitting
a resin decorative statue holding a lamp on a wooden table
  • Conversation Starter

  • Fun Nightlight Buddy

  • Creative Workspace Flair

  • Stylish Illumination

Designed to guarantee compliments, this delightful range of monkey lights includes sitting, standing, and hanging monkey lamps crafted from resin. The sitting and standing lamp styles on a side table, console table, or shelf while the hanging style lamps bring a playful touch to your lighting decor, perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms, children's rooms, offices, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Available in gold, black, white, and copper finishes, they're sure to brighten any room with whimsy, character, charm, and style.

table lamps monkey resin lamp
monkey table lamps woodka interiors