13 Must-Have Vases for Every Home Decor Enthusiast

vases and decor for the home with stylish vases

The Best Vases It's the stylish home where your beloved blooms find their perfect place.

Whether they're holding freshly picked blossoms or not, decorating with vases is a great way to add a stylish finish to any room. Gracing the coffee table, adding flair to a styled shelf, or making a statement as an occasional piece, vases bring the perfect touch to any corner of your home. They seamlessly blend into various decor settings. Whether you prefer a classic holder with clean lines or a whimsical sculpture, they effortlessly infuse style into any room.

As for choosing a flower vase, you should consider its appearance and how well it works. Glass vases are the most versatile of the bunch -they look great with any greenery or floral arrangement and are super versatile! On the flip side, ceramic vases take your decor to new heights, ensuring your flowers get the attention they deserve. Here's a curated guide featuring charming and sculptural containers for your beloved blooms with Vases On Your Must-have List.


Glass Vases Are The Most Versatile Of The Bunch

Glass vases collection by Woodka Interiors

Perfect for any floral style, real or artificial. Pair seamlessly with other glassware for a delightful touch. Indoors or outdoors, these adaptable beauties shine in every corner of your home, from kitchen windows to bathroom vanities. You might even want to buy multiple sizes for different rooms! The ultimate all-around choice—fill it with your favorite greenery or flowers for an effortlessly stylish touch.


A Glass Vessel For Every Space 


Bubble Vase 

Woodka Interiors 

Clear Bubble Vase Large

Infuse intrigue into your space with this striking vase, a captivating addition to elevate your home decor. 

Dimensions: 33cmx33cm



Lustre Gem Vase 

Woodka Interiors 

Lustre Gem Ceramic Vase in Pearl white Finish

Revel in the unique character of the glass sheen—a decorative piece that adds sophistication to any space. 

Dimensions: 31cm(h)x22cm(d)



Dimple Vase 

Woodka Interiors 

Dimple Glass Vase in Frosted Balck 

An inspired finish in a smoky tone makes this vase perfect for showcasing any floral arrangement with style. 

Dimensions: 30cm(h)x29cm(d)



Frost Glass Green Vase 

Woodka Interiors  

Frosted green glass vase

A charming focal point. This ideal vessel is perfect for housing your favorite floral arrangement or dried florals.

Dimensions: 28cm(h)x18cm(w) 



Steps Vase 

Woodka Interiors 
Green Steps Glass Vase 

Showcase your favorite statement stems in your interior with this uniquely designed vase, adding flair to your space.

Dimensions: 30cm(h)x20cm(d)



Recycled Glass Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Recycled Glass Vases in bedroom

The perfect addition to any tabletop or a stunning standalone piece in your decor ensemble.

Dimensions: 47(h)xØ10cm

The recycled glass vases are a definite personal design favorite of mine. Their versatile appeal effortlessly complements various decorating styles, seamlessly transitioning from modern aesthetics with clean lines to the rustic charm of urban farmhouse décor, all thanks to their simple design.

Whether for your entryway, a cherished gift, or a creative addition to a corner of your home, these vases are ready to make a statement.


Ceramic Vases Are Fail-Proof, Go-To Timeless Choice

White ceramic jug vase set

A ceramic vase is more than just a vessel for flowers. Showcase it alone to spotlight its beautiful curves, patterns, and textures. If you add flowers, keep it simple. Pair it with a minimalist arrangement of faux plants, fillers, or foliage as a stylish alternative to fresh flowers. It's a practical choice that doesn't sacrifice style, ensuring your ceramic vase remains a stunning centerpiece in your home for years to come.


Style Spaces With Ceramic Vases

Ceramic Vases by Woodka Interiors

Caring for flowers in ceramic vases is a breeze— refill with water every few weeks. Avoid over-watering by refreshing the water without letting flowers sit in standing water for a low-maintenance touch of beauty. Its Floral Care Made Easy.



Ceramic Bergan Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Bergan Ceramic Vase in White - homeware vases

A stunning centerpiece for side tables or shelves, showcasing your impeccable taste.

Dimensions: 30cm(h)x30cm(w)



Ceramic Bottle Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Ceramic Bottle Vase

Elevate your shelfie game with striking decorative characteristics, adding flair to your styling.

Dimensions: 30cm(h)x23cm(w)



Horse Bust Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Horse Bust ceramic vase

An eccentric vase that beautifully contrasts with vibrant bouquets, making a bold statement.

Dimensions: 46cm(h)x30cm(w)



Face Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Man Face Ceramic Vase

Add the perfect finishing touch and a touch of quirkiness to your home with this distinctive vase.

Dimensions: 23cm(h)xØ18cm



Black Bubble Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Bubble ceramic vase in black

A stylish decorative accessory for any tabletop, this ceramic bubble vase brings sophistication to your space.




Bubble Vase

Woodka Interiors 

Bubble ceramic vase in white

The bubbly and uneven surface adds an extra splash of originality, infusing your home with unique charm.




The Crater Vase

Woodka Interiors 

The White ceramic Crater Vase

You'll adore this stunning Crater Ceramic Vase! In a creamy white ceramic, it boasts a captivating textured finish of natural grains. Its organic contours and modern, round perforations create an ultra-chic aesthetic, perfect for any décor style, Scandinavian or Minimalist.

Dimensions:32cm(h)xØ27cm | Textured & grained finish

Style with vases for that extra touch of charm to your decor. Find the perfect centerpiece here to elevate your space. Effortlessly house the evergreen look with surreal faux foliage stems for everlasting greenery and low-maintenance charm.

collage of glass vases by Woodka Interiors
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