How To Decorate Your Rental Property Like A Pro

Using this simple ideas and tricks is sure to add personality to your rented home.

They’re affordable, and they make a big impact in the look and feel of the space without risking your deposit.

Windows treatments. Dressing your windows to impress is what I recommend, for an instant pick me up. Adding simple neutral shades or if you want to add more colour why not add a second panel in a bold colour or geometrical print. It will spruce up your home instantly.


Try swapping out the boring, basic light fixtures. As we all know it can make a huge difference in how your room looks, feels and functions. Adding table lamps and floor lamps in the bedrooms and living area and even a battery powered led under cabinet lighting for the kitchen is a easy way to update your rental and save you tons of money on lighting.

Great Tip: Keep the current ones as you can replace them when you move.




So in most rentals, painting the walls is a big no no.... Well thats ok, why not just add wallpaper panels. Use your DIY skills and create stunning wall art by gluing wallpaper straight onto plywood. Its that simple.. they instantly add colour and pattern to your rental home and its a cheaper alternative than having to fix up the walls when moving time comes around.



Limited options to decorating your rented bedroom can make it feel dull and boring. Add a touch of luxury with a great set of bed linen. Consider using higher quality linens that will last years to come and will definitely set a more luxurious tone for your bedroom



Adding unique pieces of furniture to your otherwise bland rental home, can really update your space and give off a more homely look. So when you on the hunt for finding that furniture piece, try looking for vintage or handmade accessories. Handmade rugs, stools or artwork will instantly add character to your space.



Indoor plants... Yes please... adding greenery to your space is an easy way to spruce up any area. You can draw the focus up with larger plants or simply create a gorgeous eye level of plants on a window sill or why not make use of modern pot-stands to create different heights and viola..feels like home already.



And yes, adding warmth, colour and texture to ones rented space is important to give that sense of a homely feel. Simply add floor rugs. They come in gorgeous colours and patterns and textures. They can also be used to define living areas in an open plan area. And yes again you just roll them up.



Im sure these easy tips and tricks will help you and your rental, be feeling like home in no time.

So long to the looking generic or dull feeling space with these simple add-ons decor tips.
Until next time peeps....
Happy Styling xoxo
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