Decorate Your Home With Vases

Refresh + Reset your living space with a vase or two.

vases to decorate your home

Displayed as a charming gathering stealing the spotlight right at the heart of your dining table or gracefully lining up along a sunlit windowsill, decorating the home with vases makes a lovely finishing touch to any room. Not only as vessels to display flowers, vases also make stunning decorative objects. Whether you're into the vintage vibes of old-school jugs, the contemporary allure of abstract-shaped urns, or the simple glass holder, each piece is a beauty in its own right. Vases are like artistic statements on their own. And here's the fun part – you can play mix and match! Arrange them in small groups for a delightful ensemble, or let each vase shine solo, claiming its moment in the decor spotlight. Don't just see them as flower holders; think beyond blooms! - From tall and thin to curvy or chunky, vases are artistic statements styled on their own. Stylish, stand-alone artworks that bring that extra touch of elegance to your space.

How To Decorate Your Home With Vases? Before you snag a bunch of blooms, think about the vase that'll not just cradle them but also show off their beauty in the most fabulous way. Ideas for Decorating With Vases.


Showcase A Cluster Of Vases

Showcase a cluster of vases
One vase is stylish, but a bunch of them together? That's where the real fun happens. Arranging shapely vessels can be a fabulous way to bring interest to an empty table. Want to keep it simple? Go for symmetry. A bit adventurous? Embrace asymmetry for that lively and eye-catching look. There are many ways to display vases - dainty bud vases scattered like hidden treasures, classic glass vessels striking a pose on a mantelpiece, or a chic ceramic vase stealing the spotlight. Even when your favorite blooms go out of season, a show-stopping solo vase makes a statement. With or without blooms, right in the center of your dining table.

When arranging decorative objects, choose pieces of different heights and work in odd numbers to ensure balance and flow.


Arrange Artisan Vases On Shelves Or The Entryway

ceramic large white vase on table by woodka interiors

Let's talk about elevating your shelves! 

For a stunning display on your shelf, feature an eclectic mix of ceramic artisan vases as the ideal canvas to show off fresh florals or a lifelike faux arrangement, introducing an extra layer of vibrancy. Throw in some other decor pieces to amp up the texture game to your vase on display. Or a grand entrance! Your entrance table deserves some love with decorative vases. Add dimension and mix in a few captivating objects, and don't forget to sprinkle in those family photos for that personal touch. And to bring the outdoors in, add some lush plants. It's like creating a welcoming symphony of style right at the entrance of your home.


An Oversized Vase On The Floor

oversized large floor vase
Large vases are perfect for long-stemmed flowers, dried branches, and pampas stems. And what about that overlooked corner? Grab your favorite large vase or this one as a stand-alone, or fill it with freshly cut greens straight from your backyard. – Now, there stands a vessel with a silhouette so alluring it turns the lonely spot into a stylish haven. A simple design moment that perfectly lets you showcase taller branches and stems. It's a design moment. So go on a prop down a vessel to chill in a corner or grace your entryway floor. These simplicity vessels scream sophistication. 


Display Vessel As A Decorative Art Piece

a vase with a plant in it next to a statue

There's nothing like a beautiful bouquet of seasonal blooms to fill a room in an art piece vessel. While fresh flowers are the typical choice, they come and go. However, you can create a beautiful everlasting display with artificial flowers for instant texture in a room. A thriving home for your greenery or a charming empty vessel for your dinner table, a vase creates a visual setting wherever placed. Styling on the coffee table, counter, or bedroom, decorating with vases from the living room to the bedroom will spruce up and showcase fabulous texture while elevating your greenery to complement your interiors.


4 Essential Vase Styles For The Home

Not every vase comes from the same mold; each is a unique character in the story of your space. And picking the right one can level up your bloom game. Whether you're going for the "bam in your face" look, timeless vibes, see-through elegance, or tiny treasures, there's a vase for every floral display. 

  • Glass Vessel: Let elegant lilies, delicate tulips or graceful roses take center stage.
  • Ceramic Vase: Any timeless blooms pair well with the refined aesthetic of ceramic.
  • Floor Vase: perfect for those long-stems, dried branches, and pampas stems.
  • Small Vessel: your go-to for dainty daisies, baby's breath for a delicate touch.



Big, small, or somewhere in between, floor or shelf, these vessels bring beauty and a sculptural element into your decorating style.

Tiny Treasure Mini Vessel

mini vase bubble design


Sometimes, the best things come in small sizes. Enter the mini bubble vase – a small wonder that sprinkles charm wherever it goes. These cuties are all about single stems or tiny flower squads. Sprinkle them on your dining table or pop them on your bedside table for a dose of floral magic. The small bubble vase is like a celebration of simplicity and low-key elegance.




Classic Chic Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vases with Leopard handle


These versatile fellas come in all shapes and styles, from rustic vibes to modern chic. Ceramic vases are the Most Loved for both chill and fancy setups, creating the ideal backdrop for all kinds of flowers. Sturdy and always on trend, they're the canvas for those fancy designs that take your florals to the next level.




The Grand Statement Floor Vase

a reycled glass large vase


When it's time to make a bold impression, nothing beats the grandeur of a large floor vase. The height and commanding presence make these vessels perfect for showcasing long-stemmed flowers or a bundle of decorative branches. A large floor vase is a statement piece that effortlessly elevates any room.





See-Through Elegance Glass Vase

Clear glass vases on Wood Table


Say hello to the forever classy glass vases. These complement any flower, letting the natural beauty steal the spotlight. Whether with a sleek and modern design or something with a vintage twist, a glass vase brings that light and breezy feel to your floral game. It's all about showcasing those petal details and adding a delicate touch to your decor.




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