Caring For Your Area Rug: Tips and Tricks for Maintaining its Beauty and Longevity

Fluff up those fibers and bring back your rugs cozy charm

Eternity Area Rug in Azure By Woodka Interiors
Most of us prefer using rugs in the home over other floorings as they are a great addition to any room in the house. They are durable, warm, and comfortable underfoot. But, while they add a lot of visual interest and help protect floors from wear and tear, it is in your best interest to maintain the condition of your investment. When your rug is craving a little TLC (especially in a busy household or during those epic entertaining sessions), have the skills to clean it up like a pro right at home. Here’s your go-to guide for caring for those beloved area rugs and keeping them as stylish and vibrant as the day you brought it home.

How to Care and Store Your Area Rug

Caring For Your Wool Rug

Vacuum Your Rug Regularly

Make it a habit to vacuum your rug regularly. Trust me, once a week is your sweet spot. Vacuum with a gentle suction and no harsh brushes to protect those soft fibers. Full Coverage. Don’t just skim the surface—vacuum the back too. This keeps pesky dust bunnies at bay and prevents any unwanted mites from setting up camp underneath. This routine clears away dirt and dust that inevitably sneaks in, preserving your rug’s pristine appearance.

Muddy footprints and stains (cry out loud) we've all been there. Even with the 'no-shoes indoor' policy, we still tend to have to deal with it when it just happens. 


Regular Rug Maintenance

Spot Clean Immediately

Accidents happen, (we’re looking at you, clumsy coffee mug) but fear not! When spills strike, Blot, Don’t Rub immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel. Wool rugs are more sensitive to moisture, so avoid over-wetting when cleaning. Mix a mild detergent with water to gently dab away the stain, ensuring you test it in a hidden spot first to avoid surprises.

Handle Rugs with Care

Polyester can be a bit sensitive, so steer clear of harsh chemicals or bleach-based cleaners. Stick to gentle solutions to keep those colors bright and fibers happy.

Tip: Never brush or scrub out any stains as this might make it worse. Always do a stain removal test before (stop if you notice run/ color mix when test washing) tackling the entire rug.

Dry Delicately

After cleaning, ensure your rug dries completely. Moisture can be a foe to its fibers, potentially leading to unwanted guests like mold. Air-dry with care and avoid excessive heat or direct sunlight.

Sunshine Moderation

Extend the lasting vibrancy and beauty caring for your area rug from the sun’s powerful rays by using window treatments like curtains or blinds. It’ll help preserve those vibrant colors for years to come.

Professional Love

When it’s time for a deeper clean, trust the pros who specialize in wool and polyester blend rugs. They’ll give your rug the spa treatment it deserves without compromising its natural charm.


Rotate for Wear and Tear

Just like flipping your mattress, rotating your rug every so often helps even out wear from all those happy feet and furniture legs. Give your rug a spin (literally) every 6-12 months to even out wear and tear, especially in those bustling areas where feet love to frolic.

Why rotate your rug?

Even Wear, Happy Rug. By giving your rug a spin every 6-12 months, you're ensuring it wears evenly. That means no more sad, worn-out patches in those bustling areas where everyone loves to hang out.

Say Goodbye to Traffic Patterns. We all know how foot traffic can leave its mark. Rotating your rug helps prevent those pesky traffic patterns from taking over, keeping your rug looking fresh and ready for its close-up.

Sunlight? No Problem. Sunlight can be a rug's worst enemy, causing colors to fade unevenly. But guess what? By changing up its orientation, you're spreading out that sunshine love evenly. No more uneven fading—just smooth, consistent vibes.

To Shape Up. Some rugs have a mind of their own when it comes to curling or bending. Rotating helps them settle into different positions, maintaining their shape without any funny business along the edges.


Use a Rug Pad

Treat your rug (and your floors) right by using a rug pad underneath. It’ll keep things in place, add extra cushion, and protect against slips and slides.

What It  A Rug Pad: Ever heard of rug pads? A rug pad is a thin layer of material (often foam or rubber) that sits underneath your rug. It's like insurance for your floors, preventing damage and keeping things looking tip-top.

Why It Matters: Once your area rug is completely dry and ready to shine, lay it on top of a rug pad. This duo not only enhances comfort but also extends the life of both your rug and your flooring.


Area Rugs Storing

If storing your rug for a while make sure your rug is completely dry before tucking it away. Moisture can lead to unwanted guests like mold or mildew, and we're all about keeping it fresh. Roll your rug up with the pile facing inward. This little trick protects those lush fibers and keeps them looking plush when you're ready to bring it back into action. Find a cool, dry place away from potential pests to avoid unwelcome surprises when you unroll it for its next grand debut.


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