Incorporating Vases Decor Accents In the Home

With home décor, we often overlook the impact of small details. One such detail is the modest vase, a versatile vessel designed beyond holding flowers. In many shapes, sizes, and materials, vases offering a unique flair to your décor. Ceramic vases bring a touch of rustic charm, while glass vases bring modern elegance to any space. For a boho vibe, a woven or metallic vases easily complements the interior.

Explore how selecting the right vase style and creating creative tabletop displays can transform your space into a unique masterpiece, one vase at a time. Here are some easy-to-apply tips to elevate your interior décor game:


Choose the Perfect Vase

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No.01 Match Your Style 

Your vase should be an extension of your personality and taste. Whether you lean towards classic, contemporary, or eclectic, there's a vase waiting to complement your style. Take your time exploring options that resonate with you.

No.02 Size Matters

Consider the proportions of your space when selecting a vase. A large vase can be a striking focal point, while a collection of small vases can create a charming tableau. Experiment and find the size that feels just right for your setting.

No.03 Color Coordination

Whether you want your vase to pop or seamlessly blend in. Harmonize the vase color with your existing palette for a cohesive look, or go bold with a contrasting hue to make a statement.

No.04 Mix and Match

Feel free to blend and match various vase designs. Combine different shapes, sizes, and materials to add visual interest to your tabletop. Pair a sleek glass vase with a textured ceramic one for a dynamic visual contrast. Think of it as a mini art gallery for your living room.

No.05 Beyond Bouquets

Go beyond the bouquet and experiment with a single statement flower, such as a bold sunflower or an elegant lily. Alternatively, try a bunch of dried flowers for a trendy, bohemian look.

No.06 Bring Greenery Indoors

Introduce greenery into your vase display to introduce a touch of nature. Eucalyptus branches, ferns, or even a sprig of mint can add a refreshing twist. Plus, they require minimal maintenance – perfect for those without green thumbs.

No.07 Play with Heights

Create visual interest by playing with heights. Arrange vases at various heights to add depth and dimension to your tabletop. It's a simple trick that instantly makes your display more dynamic.

No.08 Add Candles and Lights

Beyond flower duty, vases excel as candle holders. Place a few slender candles in tall, cylindrical vases for a romantic ambiance during dinner parties. Fairy lights inside a glass vase can also add a magical touch to your space.

No.09 Create Themed Displays

Tell a story by creating themed displays for special occasions or to express your personality. For example, showcase beach-themed vases with seashells for a coastal vibe or display rustic vases with twine and burlap for a farmhouse feel.

No.10 Add A Personal DIY Touch

Get crafty with your vases! Add a personal touch by painting or decorating them yourself. Use colors that complement your existing décor, or go for bold contrasts for a statement piece.

No.11 Easy Seasonal Switch 

Keep your décor fresh by switching up your vase displays with the seasons. Vibrant blooms in spring, seashells in summer, pinecones in fall, and silver ornaments in winter – let your vases reflect the changing seasons.


 Effortlessly Style With Decorative Vases

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Achieving a chic and charming décor effortlessly by incorporating vases into your space. Vase styling is about telling a story and adding personality to your space. 

  • Center of Attention:  A well-styled vase at the center of your table effortlessly draws the eye. It becomes a focal point, adding an instant touch of sophistication to your dining or coffee table.
  • Starts a Conversation: Unique and artfully arranged vases spark conversation. Guests can't help but admire your creative flair, making your tabletop not just a surface but a talking point.
  • They fit anywhere: Vases are incredibly versatile. Whether it's a formal dining table, a coffee table, a side table, or even a console, vases seamlessly fit into any space.
  • To Express Your Style: Express your unique style and personality using vases. It's a subtle yet powerful way to make your space yours.
  • Easy to Swap out: Unlike large furniture pieces, swapping and changing vases is easy. This makes it easy to update your tabletop décor frequently, keeping your space fresh and exciting.


There's a vase for every style, mood, and occasion, so allow your creativity to flow as you choose the perfect vase and master the art of styling, transforming your tabletops into expressions of your unique personality.

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