Styling Artificial Trees and Plants For Any Space



Looking to give your space a natural touch? Artificial trees and plants act as your green companions, infusing any setting with a hassle-free vibe. Whether it's a cozy home or a chill office, these faux wonders bring nature's beauty inside without the constant care drama.

Practicality first! These fake greens maintain their vibrant appearance year-round, delivering the nature feel without the hassle. They're low-maintenance and thrive even in spaces with limited sunlight, making them ideal for any nook or cranny in need of a little green love.

Now, let's dive into aesthetics! Artificial trees closely mimic their natural counterparts, retaining their size and shape throughout the seasons. With various sizes and styles, they effortlessly blend with your decor, be it a cozy living room or a chic office setup.

But it's more than just looks – faux greenery transforms your space. From cozy corners to entire rooms, they effortlessly elevate interiors, acting as always blooming buddies, adding a touch of nature-inspired coziness to every corner. When arranging them, consider layered heights, mix textures and pots, create focal points, hang them up, and group them in odd numbers for that perfect decorative scheme.

Pro tip: Make fake plants feel real by adding natural elements like moss or stones. And, don't forget the lighting – place them close to windows to mimic natural sunlight.


Ever considered combining live and faux greenery? 

It's a game-changer! Mix up sizes, shapes, and textures for a lively and balanced green paradise. Pay attention to lighting preferences and coordinate colors and textures for a cohesive and visually engaging space. 

faux plant styling

Insider Scoop: For a Vibrant, Low-Maintenance Green Haven

Get creative! Base your arrangements on the room's purpose or decorating style. Faux herbs in the kitchen or tropical plants in the living room add a personalized touch. Think of floating shelves turning into a mini jungle or a faux-plant paradise on your bookshelf. And, of course, don't skip the hanging faux plants for those garden vibes in every corner – living room, kitchen, bedroom, you name it. Let's dive into some cool tips:

When arranging them, consider layered heights, mix textures and pots, create focal points, hang them up, and group them in odd numbers for that perfect decorative scheme.

  • Layered Heights: Create an eye-catching layered effect by putting taller plants in the back. Gradually bring down the height towards the front for a visually dynamic display.
  • Mix Textures and Pots: Add a pop of color by mixing different textures of faux plants, like succulents and faux eucalyptus stems. Pair them in decorative pots for that extra flair.
  • Create Focal Points: Make a statement in the office with a striking faux plant – a large artificial tree or a bold centerpiece. It draws attention and anchors the entire display, making it a captivating feature.
  • Hang Them: Go for eye-level greenery with faux hanging planters. Fill those untouched vertical spaces and bring a refreshing, exciting element to the room.
  • Group in Odd Numbers: Design a balanced arrangement by grouping faux trees or leafy foliage in odd numbers. The 3 to 5 ratio adds a pleasing decorative touch to every room and office nook.

Here at Woodka Interiors, we've curated the perfect collection of artificial trees and greenery to help you transform any space into a lush oasis. Shop now and bring the outdoors indoors – no upkeep required!

Faux Trees And Plants FAQ

How can artificial plants enhance the look of my home?

Artificial trees, plants and flowers provide a simple and fuss-free way to breathe new life into your rooms. With no need for sunlight, they offer flexibility in styling throughout your home.

Can I use Faux plants alongside real ones?

Absolutely! Mixing natural and faux plants can create a dynamic and low-maintenance green space. Be mindful of the care requirements of each to ensure they thrive together.

Where can I place Faux Topiary Balls?

For instance, artificial topiary balls make perfect table centerpieces, maintaining their vibrant appearance indefinitely. Whether adorning your home office desk, kitchen counter, or serving as eye-catching additions in the living or dining room, these long-lasting faux plants effortlessly elevate your space.

Can artificial plants be placed in sunlight?

While most artificial trees can tolerate some sunlight, exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading over time. Placing them in areas with indirect sunlight to maintain their vibrant appearance.

Ways to Use Faux Botanicals?

Additionally, they serve as ideal seasonal décor, with warm autumn hues, festive winter greenery, and lush spring and summer blooms to suit every season.

Artificial Plants, Trees and Flowers

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