Styling With A Tray

Accessorize every room with a tray

More than just a decorative piece, a tray can transform any tabletop in the room from chaotic to chic. Like a fancy helping hand to corral your table decoration, trays are a simple but functional accessory that can make any space look put together. Multi-functional catchalls that makes everything on it feel more elevated when housed on it.


And while the possibilities for accessorizing with trays are endless, with creativity and attention to detail, regardless if it's a small vanity tray in the bathroom or a round catchall to hold your favorite arrangement of items in the living area, or kitchen counter, a stylish tray is a versatile accessory in every room! One of Woodka Interiors' favorite styling tips is using trays to elevate surfaces. We swear by the transformative power of trays.

Follow these top-notch tray styling tips, and watch as your surfaces become a canvas for sophistication and style. 


Express your creativity by styling with trays!

Turning everyday items into glamorous displays, from a designated spot for your remotes and coasters to creating these fancy layered setups on your consoles or dressers. Using trays as statement centerpieces brings a sense of well-arranged and visual interest to various spaces in your home. – For an everything ties in, put together look.



Powder Room Bliss

Say goodbye to those scattered toiletries and hello to organized elegance. Place a chic decorative vanity tray on your bathroom countertop to neatly display your daily essentials, from perfumes to lotions. It's like a mini spa makeover for your space! Bonus tip: Add a small vase with fresh flowers for that extra touch of luxury. This will surely make your morning routine a whole lot fancier.

decorative vanity tray in a bathroom

Style Trays for Spa-Like Retreat

Tray Base: Choose a chic mirrored tray or metallic tray. Take your everyday stuff, from perfumes to toiletries, and pop them on a stylish display.
Decorative Accents: Arrange scented candles, a small succulent, and a stack of neatly folded hand towels. Instant spa vibes!

Style Trays for Spa-Like Retreat 


Living Room

Ever felt like your coffee table was missing that pleasing quality? That's where the tray comes in! A tray on the coffee table doesn't just gather your little treasures- it brings a visual of stylishness to your table. It's easy to turn your living room into a curated masterpiece by layering it with your favorite books, a decorative candle, and perhaps a quirky trinket or two – it's all in the tray!

Living Room coffee table tray


Living Area Sophistication with a Tray

Tray Base: Go for a versatile serving leather or square mirror tray. Use trays to create these fancy layered setups on your consoles or dressers.
Decorative Accents: Layer your favorite books, a decorative bowl with potpourri, and a statement vase. Coffee table, stylishly elevated!





Kitchen Chic

Keep your kitchen counter stylish. Organize your cooking space by using a serving tray to display cooking essentials. Arrange olive oils, salt and pepper shakers, and your favorite spices on a tray for a functional, pleasing setup. Make your kitchen counter a chef-approved display of culinary effectiveness.
Kitchen Chic Serving Tray


Kitchen Chic Tray Decorating

Tray Base: Consider a wooden charcuterie board or marble tray.

Keep things in order with a stylish one on the counter for a designated spot for your staples.

Decorative Accents: Organize olive oil, salt and pepper shakers, and a potted herb. Cooking essentials never looked so stylish!



Define Areas

Trays act as stylish borders, creating a defined space within a larger surface. For the coffee table, ottoman, or dresser, use a tray to establish zones for candles, books, or decorative items. This not only brings order but also adds intentional styling to your decor.  



Don't just place items on the tray; layer them for added visual interest. Experiment with stacking books, a small vase with decorative objects, and perhaps a scented candle. Layering adds dimension, turning your tray into a mini illustration that captures attention and sparks intrigue.


Bring Texture

Introduce texture to your tray ensemble. Consider a woven or mirrored tray to add visual interest. Mix materials like wood, glass, or metal for a tactile feast that elevates the overall aesthetic. The contrast in textures creates a harmonious balance pleasing to the eye and touch.


Seasonal Switch-Ups

Trays are a fantastic canvas for seasonal decor transformations. Fill them with fresh flowers, vibrant fruits, or beach-themed treasures during the warmer months. As autumn approaches, swap these out for rustic elements like wood candle holders and warm-toned accessories. This simple switch keeps your space dynamic and in sync with the changing seasons.


The Power of Repetition

Create a sense of cohesion by repeating elements within your tray. This could be a color scheme, a specific material, or a style choice. Repetition ties together seemingly various items, turning them into a curated collection.


The Green Touch

A small potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers can breathe life into your tray styling. Not only does it add a natural element, but it also infuses your space with a sense of vitality and freshness.


Personal Treasures

Use trays to showcase your treasures— mementos, travel souvenirs, or vintage finds. Arrange them thoughtfully within the tray, creating a display that tells a story and reflects your interests. Trays become more than organizers; they become vessels of memories.


Remember to mix and match different textures and heights, get creative, and use trays indoors or on the outdoor patio with fun objects that tell a story. This way, your personality shines through your curated display. Shop Our Woodka Interiors Trays Here


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