6 Of The Best Decorative Trays You'll Love

The Catchall For All Things Tchotchke

trays are catchalls for decor

Trays aren't just for fancy dinner parties, trays are versatile enough for use in any room of the house. In the living area, they corral remotes, magazines, and coasters. In the bedroom, they can display jewelry and perfume bottles. In the bathroom, they can organize toiletries and towels. And in the kitchen, they can hold utensils, condiments, or even a vase of flowers. Plus, they make great impromptu lap desks for working from home. With so many uses, any household should have a stack of decorative trays handy. Who knew a simple piece of wood or metal could be so practical? Adding a stylish tray to your home today is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your interior.

The Catchall For All Things Tchotchke

A tray brings together decor pieces that was once scattered to create a cohesive look. Introducing a decorative tray into your space is like infusing a burst of color or texture, taking your décor to a new level. Beyond the aesthetic boost, trays play a practical role in keeping things organized and readily accessible — say goodbye to the frustration of searching for lost earrings or misplaced keys! They're not just stylish additions; trays are the functional heroes that effortlessly enhance the look and order of your surroundings. And let's not forget about the versatility of a tray-it's perfect for holding anything from jewelry to office supplies. In short, this catchall piece might be the accessory your accessories have been missing.

6 Of Our Best Trays For Your Home

Let me take you through 6 of our top picks of the best catchall trays for your home. From effortlessly organizing essentials to bringing order in your bedroom, come along with me as we explore what sets these trays apart. They're not just about practical solutions; they're a stylish upgrade for every nook and cranny in your home. And let me tell you, The Gold Display Tray steals the spotlight—it's my absolute favorite!"


Rose Gold Mirror Tray


Rose gold framed tray with mirror inlay

For the entryways to quickly grab your belongings before leaving or perfect for organizing items on your nightstand, this rose gold tray is a great option. Featuring subtle gold metallic accents the rose gold mirror tray adds a touch of color to your room and shows off your personality. This is a great choice for spaces with a contemporary feel and design.

Mirror Tray | Material: mirror, metal | Dimensions: 31cm(L)x20cm(w) | Finish: Gold color | Raised Edge



Classic Mirror Tray

classic rectangle mirror tray

The mirror surface of the tray provides a clear view of the items displayed on it, making it easy to showcase your favorite decorative objects while keeping them organized. Whether it finds its place in the living room, bedroom, or any nook, this classic mirror tray, in a complementing antique white finish, is ready to steal the show.

Rectangle Tray | Material: distressed wood; mirror |Dimensions: 41cm(L)x27cm(W) | High-lipped edge made of distressed wood



Glass Tray Geisha Teal


Round Tray with geisha print in lacquer

The tray's sleek design and minimalist aesthetic make it a great addition to any living space, enhancing the overall while providing a functional storage solution for small items like keys, jewelry, or loose change. With its raised sides, whether to keep essentials in check or showcase some carefully curated decor arrangement, this decorative round tray is up for the task as a catchall for essentials or as the base for any arrangement.

Round Tray | Material: lacquer, glass | Features two hand holds | Dimensions: Ø60cm | Geisha Print Teal Surface



Round Tray Gold Leaf

gold round tray

The tray has raised edges that help keep items from spilling out, ensuring everything stays in place and organized. Additionally, the glass surface is easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance option for everyday use. Round trays is the perfect size for your remote control, a drink, or even a little plant. Who knew being functional could be so stylish. 

Round Serving tray | Material: Glass, Plastic | Medium: Ø36cmx4cm | Glass surface with Leaf Design



Gold Display Tray

gold tray

This gold tray for the home is a chic way to organize and display your belongings, adding a touch of glamour to your living space. Its versatile design allows you to use this serving tray in multiple rooms, from your living room to your bedroom or bathroom, making it a practical addition to your home décor.

Brass Gold Tray | Color: Gold | Material: Metal | Dimensions:48cmX27cm(w)



Mirror Tray Bamboo Pattern



The quality craftsmanship and durable materials used in its construction ensure that this metal tray will serve you for years, making it a wise investment in style and function. Not only can you use it to carry drinks and snacks to your guests, but it's also a great way to subtly remind them to put their keys and phones in one convenient spot before they take their leave. That's what we call multitasking!

Decorative Tray | Color: Gold | Bamboo Effect | Material: mirror, metal | Dimensions:70cm(h)x40cm(w)x8cm(h)


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Serving With A Purpose The Accessory You Need in Every Room

using trays in every room

The accessory that ties everything together. They bring practicality and elegance to any room. Transforming a seemingly chaotic array of items that might otherwise look cluttered on a coffee table into a harmonious arrangement. With serving trays cleaning up and organizing becomes a breeze —whether it is for serving tea in bed or showcasing beautiful candles, decorative trays are the home accessory that seamlessly adapt to your needs and elevate the look of any room.



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