15 Home Decor Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

(or you may want to keep it just for yourself!!)

Finding the right gifts can feel like a tall order—we get it. So, get your loved ones a décor gift that will add a luxe look to the home. There are endless thoughtful gifts for the home from décor objects, trinkets, and ornaments that are sure to charm every host or hostess. 


Your friend will be delighted when unwrapping a gift that will make their home more functional or beautiful. Whether a soft throw, a lovely scented candle, or a pretty vase, we have gathered a few home gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Gift ideas for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarming. 

Take your pick of 15 home gift décor ideas

Exquisite Glass Vessels 

Exquisite Glass Vessels


Enhance any space in the home with these vases, a versatile and thoughtful choice. These vessels go all-in on the décor trend, from glass vases with its curvy shape to stunning ceramic vases guaranteed to look stunning on their sideboard. Anyone into the minimalist aesthetic will love one of these earthy pieces. A gift of a ceramic vase or glass vessel transcends mere functionality to become a statement piece in any home. 


A Statement Mirror Tray

A Statement Mirror Tray with a gold rope design


Gift one to your siblings or friends just about the chicest serving tray around. Perfect for the entertainer that will proudly use this tray for any occasion. It's multifunctional, so they can use it as a table centerpiece, a kitchen catchall tray, or even a base for decorative candles. And each time they use it, they'll be reminded of your thoughtful gift. 


A Ceramic Pot Planter 

A Ceramic Pot face Planter in white


Gift these planters to the aspiring botanist or the friend who's already a dedicated plant enthusiast. An ideal choice for gifting any plant parents with an on-trend set of two planters. The perfect gift for placing succulents and other small blooms. This will add a personal touch to the growing trend of indoor greenery, perfect for succulents and other small blooms. Your loved ones will love showcasing their plant collection in a ceramic plant vessel that reflects their unique style and personality. Simple or simply beautiful, pot planters complements indoors and outdoors and adds a classic accent to any décor.


A unique home gift that is sure to delight any host or hostess.


Give The Gift of A Cozy Throw

Throw over a chair in a coastal home decor setting


Go ahead, give the gift of cozy, and let the recipient indulge in the luxury of comfort and style. A soft throw goes beyond simply comfort—Whether draped over a sofa, folded at the foot of a bed, or casually thrown over a reading chair, it's a gift that keeps on giving, providing comfort and style for moments of relaxation. The gift of a cozy throw goes beyond the ordinary. 

Serve In Style



Here's the perfect solution for someone who loves to cook. A apron is a thoughtful solution for the culinary enthusiast in your life. Whether it's a humorous print, a favorite color, or a pretty textile design that adds a touch of flair, it will ensure that your host is ready to serve in style. Whether the recipient is an avid cook, baker, or someone who occasionally dabbles in the kitchen, surprise your favorite home chef with the gift of a delightful apron.


Choose A Fancy Candle


Fancy Candles

Whether for a birthday, housewarming, or just a gesture of appreciation, a scented candle is a thoughtful, versatile gift suitable for many occasions. A candle offers a dose of the cozy seasonal scent, doubles as a decorative piece, and will make their house smell incredible - Candles come in a sleek gift box gift, so you don't even have to wrap them. If you're unsure what gift to pick, consider the soothing simplicity of a candle for gifting. A classy addition to any space, it's a gift that is almost too pretty to burn.


Turn Moments Into Lasting Décor


Wooden Picture Frame

Photo frames are a go-to option as a thoughtful and functional gift as a flexible choice to gift any time. It's a stylish and sentimental way to create a visual story into a cherished keepsake. Whether placed on shelves, sideboards, side tables, or office desks, picture frames will showcase memories in creative displays in their space. So, when in doubt about what to gift, consider the timeless appeal of a photo frame—turning moments into lasting décor.



Recycled Glass Vases


Mini Recycled glass vase

Grand or petite, recycled vases stand out as ideal gifts. It's a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making it a standout addition to any home and a unique expression of mindful living. From a large vase that commands attention on the floor or standalone on a dining table to a more dynamic setting, arrange two or three together these vessels will create a sculptural element that enhances any tabletop. Big or small, recycled glass vases make perfect gifts.



Serving Boards

Wood serving Board


A serving/cutting board from a sleek wooden board or a classy marble serving platter becomes the perfect backdrop for a spread of cheeses, crackers, and charcuterie. It's not just a gift; it's an invitation to elevate their hosting game. You know what's great? These boards can seamlessly transition from a functional cutting surface to a stunning serving platter. I can already imagine the conversations flowing around it at a dinner party.



A Sculptural Showstopper

Set of porcelain giraffes


Whether it's a sleek modern sculpture or a quirky animal figurine, it instantly adds character and reflects the personality of the person receiving it. Unlike trends that come and go, a well-chosen decorative statue becomes a lasting part of someone's home. It's a décor piece that doesn't just fade into the background. It can become a focal point, telling a story and sparking conversations in their home. From something grand, abstract, or a whimsical piece, it's the kind of gift that will enhance their space


Luxe Faux Fur Blanket

 Woodka Interiors Furrow Faux Fur Throws - in Wolf

Sure, a splurge, whoever you gift this lovely throw to, but we sure they might want to stay on their sofa all day long. As far as adding the finishing touches to a room, we say yes to this one ! No host will ever be disappointed by this cozy luxe throw blanket.


Sophisticated Decanter Set 


Sophisticated Wine Decanter Set

For someone a little more serious about their love of wine? Up-someone specials bar cart with this decanter set in a beautiful gift box. A gift that will ensure that your host is ready to serve in style. You're not just offering a practical accessory; you're providing an opportunity for them to indulge in the art of wine appreciation with a touch of style and sophistication.


Monkey-Inspired Décor 


Ceramic Monkey Bowl Large

Surprise them with the perfect fun and funky gift – a sculptural ceramic monkey object that's not just a centerpiece but a conversation starter! A quirky and giftable item of modern charm. Your loved ones will know that you're not just thinking of them, but you're doing it with a touch of humor and style. Animal-inspired decor is perfect for the nature lover who loves the kind of gift that stands out, sparks joy, and lets their sense of humor shine through in the home. 



Magnetic Hourglass


Magnetic Hourglass


Flip it over, and the metal filling inside gracefully falls into these unique shapes, and it's oddly mesmerizing. Imagine having this quirky hourglass on your coffee table or desk, adding this urban vibe to the whole space. It's not just a gift; it's a conversation starter. And here's the best part—you can mix and match it with other decor. Picture it alongside some succulents or a few vintage books. It effortlessly blends in. It's that versatile piece that ties the room together and, trust me, people are gonna love it!


Decorative Storage Box


Decorative Storage Box


For a hostess who might have it all, gift her a piece to store her treasures. A storage piece that suits bedrooms and living spaces alike, we love the versatility of a beautiful storage box. Perfect for tucking away books, jewelry, games, and more. While bringing an artful touch to any area, a storage box will become home to her forever favorites.


Year-round or during the holiday season, delight your family and friends with the perfect gift. Whether you're marking a special occasion or want to show some appreciation, these gift ideas are real winners- A frame that captures memories, a throw to infuse warmth, or a planter to add a bit of nature to their interior. At Woodka Interiors, you've got a ton of options to pick from. Gifting a stylish décor piece is a no-brainer for pretty much anyone on your list. There's something for everyone's taste that they are sure to love.

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