Where and How To Style Runner Rugs in Your Home

Choosing a runner rug is where your home tells its story through how things feel, the colors you pick, and the designs you love. It's more than just choosing a rug; it's about crafting an atmosphere that makes your home feel one-of-a-kind. Creating a space where every step is comfort and every moment is embraced in style.

Where to put a runner rug guide

I love the addition of bringing a runner rug into any space! Outlining those high-traffic zones and adding that much-needed touch of sophistication. It just has this incredible ability to instantly elevate the entire vibe. Enhancing the overall look and adding comfort underfoot, both area rugs and runner rug choices fit perfectly in different areas of your home. When styling with rugs, a large floor rug anchors and grounds your entire space. But a runner rug – those sleek, stylish strips of goodness can easily enhance those smaller or narrower spaces, transforming pathways, hallways, or entryways into runways of style. 

I'm sure we all have that moment when you're half-awake, heading to the bathroom, and your feet meet the cold floor? Not the best wake-up call, right? A runner rug in your bedroom can be the cozy hug your feet need in the morning. From walking into your hallway, and instead of a plain bare floor, you've got this sleek, stylish runner rug greeting you, or when you step into your home, you're welcomed by the warm embrace of a beautiful runner rug. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Turning your entryway, kitchen space, and small hallway or closet floors into cozy, stylish havens. It's a game-changer that's easy on the eyes and even easier to fall in love with! And here's the kicker –Whether you're in the mood for vibrant colors, bold, or a more subdued and minimalist look, runner rugs come in all sorts of colors and patterns. You can match them to your décor, add a pop of personality, or even make a statement. Here are some compelling reasons to weave a runner into your living space.




The Entryway

Runner Rug in Entrance

Your entryway should be a show-stopping introduction to your home, where the perfect blend of style and practicality welcomes you. – A runner rug is the game-changer that will set the entire tone. It's like an open and welcoming invitation that fills the space with personality and sets the tone for what's beyond. Whether you're into those vibrant patterns that scream personality or leaning toward more subtle neutral tones like me, the impact of an entryway runner will effortlessly elevate your home's first impression. Where the perfect blend of style and practicality welcomes you.- that's the runner effect! 

Boost Your Entry's Style. It's about to become your next creative adventure. Here are some ideas to get you started, and don't be afraid to go a little crazy – breaking the rules can lead to some seriously cool vibes in your space.

Welcoming Entryway Rug

Picture this – a runner rug in the main pathway, setting the stage for an inviting transition. Go for a standard size of around 60-90cm wide and 120-180 cm long, or mix it up to match your vibe.

Under the Entryway Bench or Table

Add charm and protection with a runner beneath your entryway bench or table. Think long for a size that's just as unique as you are.

Parallel to the Front Door

Make a stylish entry statement by going parallel to the front door. Aim for a size that plays with the door swing, like a 120cm wide and 180-250cm long runner – the perfect canvas for creativity.

Beneath Console Table

Elevate your console with a runner underneath. Let it extend a bit beyond the table on either side. Maybe a 60-90cm wide and 180-250cm long runner for that extra touch of personality.

Under an Umbrella Stand or Coat Rack

Amp up the style factor by placing a runner under your umbrella stand or coat rack. Think 60-91cm wide and 120-185cm long for a functional yet fab addition to your entryway.



The Hallway

The Hallway Runner

These narrow spaces are like a blank canvas waiting to make a big statement. That neglected small passage can be turned into your home's runway. A runner is about to redefine the game! Pick a pattern that will warm up a space with rich tones, and watch your pass-through transform into a curated hallway of charm. It's not just a passage anymore; it's a personality-packed runway, all thanks to the small dose of a hallway runner. 

Hallway Extensions

1).Extend the creative vibes by bringing a hallway runner into your entryway. Match the length of the hallway for easy flow that defines the space 2).Extend the creativity by bringing a hallway runner into your living space. Go ahead and break the norm with a length typically 180-300cm long and 60-90 cm wide that visually connects your hallway to flow seamlessly into your living area. 3).Connect kitchen and home seamlessly using a runner rug in transition spaces, like entryways or hallways.



The Kitchen

Let's shift our focus to the kitchen because *oh yes* the runner belongs here, too! Change the view in the heart of the home with the eye-catching element and comfort of a runner rug. Especially for those passionate about experimenting with culinary delights and who love the thought of stylish cushioning underfoot, this is a win – your feet will thank you. When you step into the kitchen, it will be more than just a cooking space; it becomes a magnetic, inviting hub.

Runner rug in the kitchen

A Runner Rug In The Kitchen

When picking a runner rug for your kitchen, choose a material that can handle spills and high traffic while being easy to clean.

The Kitchen Sink

Place a runner rug in front of the sink for a comfortable underfoot surface for your dish-doing and to catch those inevitable water splashes. Let's talk size – think about 60-90 cm wide and 120-180 cm long, but feel free to get a little crazy with those dimensions depending on the size of your kitchen.

Between Counter Space

Run a rug between your counters or cabinets, breaking the monotony with a touch of decoration. Imagine a soft surface where you stand during food prep. Start with around 60-90 cm wide and 180-240 cm long – or mix it up and see what works.

Kitchen Island

If you have a kitchen island, let your creativity shine by placing a runner rug along one or both sides. Around 60-90 cm wide and 180-240 cm long, this not only defines the space but adds warmth and flair to your kitchen, but don't hesitate to play with those numbers.

Seamless Transitions

Position a runner rug under the table or between chairs connecting the dining and kitchen to visually unite the areas and let the flow be your guide. Play with sizes, perhaps 60-90 cm wide and 240-300 cm long.

Island Seating 

Elevate your kitchen island's seating area by laying down a runner rug. It adds comfort for sitters and defines the space. Size suggestion: 60-90 cm wide and 120-180 cm long – but don't hesitate to think outside the kitchen!

Cabinet Chic

Run a rug along the base of lower cabinets for a decorative touch and floor protection. Even those high-traffic areas deserve a stylish solution. Start with about 60-90 cm wide and 180-240 cm long, but feel free to push the boundaries.


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Like a large area rug, a runner is not just a floor covering; it's a daily indulgence, turning every step into a comforting experience. The appeal of runner rugs lies in their versatility, making them a perfect fit for various locations from the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.



Runner Rug Placement In The Living Room

Where breaking the rules is not just allowed – it's encouraged! Elevating your space with style and personalized charm. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.

 rug placement in your living room

Sofa Style Statement

Run a narrow or long runner alongside your sofas or sectionals. This not only defines the seating area but brings a touch of style. Play around with sizes, perhaps 60-90 cm wide and 180-240 cm long – it's your living room canvas!

Under Furniture 

Positioning a runner rug under furniture pieces like a coffee table or console table. This not only adds a focal point but also anchors your seating arrangement. Size suggestion? Think about 60-90 cm wide and 120-180 cm long – but remember, rules are made to be bent.

Between Seating 

Connect multiple seating arrangements with a runner, introducing a sense of organization and purpose. Go ahead and play with the dimensions – how about 60-90 cm wide and 240-300 cm long.

Position Parallel To A Fireplace

Have a fireplace? Consider positioning a runner rug parallel to it. This not only draws attention but creates a cozy atmosphere. Size recommendation? Around 60-90 cm wide and 180-240 cm long – but feel free to tweak as per your fireplace's personality.

Foot of Furniture 

Spice things up by adding a runner rug at the foot of accent chairs or under a reading nook. Think about 60-90 cm wide and 120-180 cm long for that extra layer of comfort and style. Take the bedroom, for example, where placing a runner at the foot of the bed adds a touch of luxury and overall comfort. Don't limit yourself to areas; embrace the unconventional. Lay the foundation with chic patterns or soothing neutrals for a space that speaks volumes about your style.



In The Bedroom

When picking the perfect runner rug for your bedroom, take a moment to factor in the size of your bed and other furniture.

Runner Rug In The Bedroom

The Foot End

Instead of placing a traditional area rug, place a runner rug at the foot end as a decorative accent and extra for a layer of comfort. A size of about 60-90 cm wide and 120-180 cm long depending on the bed size.

Underneath Furniture

If your bedroom has extra furniture like a bench, dresser, or vanity, placing a runner rug underneath anchors the furniture.

Sides of the Bed

A runner rug on each side of your bed creates a balanced look that adds coziness for moments when getting in and out– but feel free to play with these dimensions!


Create a visual using a runner rug to define pathways within your bedroom. Perfect for those long bedrooms, a 240-300cm long runner adds flair and connects different areas like a pro.

Closets and Dressers

Make your closets and dressers pop by placing a runner rug in front. It's not just decorative – it's a comfy surface for your toes during those morning rushes.

Under Seating

With a seating area featuring chairs or a small sofa, top it off with a 90cm wide and 180-240 cm long runner rug. It defines the space and adds that cozy warmth.

Parallel to Furniture

Run a rug parallel around 240-300cm long to the arrangement of your bedroom furniture. This creates a cohesive and stylish look, tying everything together like a visual masterpiece.


If you have a vanity or a designated makeup area, unleash the luxury by placing a runner rug underneath. It's the perfect way to add a touch of glam to your daily routine.


Other areas to place a runner rug include...

Picture a runner in a home office or a cozy reading nook, effortlessly cozying up these spaces with added character and a delightful dash of personality. Within the home or on the outdoor patio – wherever you place a runner, it effortlessly adapts, guiding the flow of movement in a way standard-sized rugs may not achieve. The flexibility makes the runner not just décor pieces but an alluring addition that elevates every floor.

Alongside a Bookshelf or Shelving Unit

Running a rug alongside your bookshelf or shelving unit adds visual interest and defines the space around your cherished storage. 

Beneath a Freestanding Mirror 

It goes beyond merely complementing the mirror by placing a runner rug underneath.

Underneath a Window Seat Corner

Transform your window seat into a cozy nook by placing a runner rug underneath for a reading retreat and infusing warmth into your space.

Underneath a Plant Stand or Indoor Garden Oasis

Position a runner rug under a plant stand or indoor garden area with a rug size and patterns that harmonize with your botanical haven.

On The Balcony

If you have a balcony, extend it to your indoor living space with a runner rug to define the areas with vibrant patterns and sizes that match your balcony's personality.



Why Should I Use A Runner 

Area Rug in hallway by Woodka Interiors 

  • Runners are not just about looks; it's also about practicality. 
  • Using a runner rug is a stylish, practical, mood-boosting addition that ties your home together, one fabulous step at a time.
  • From the cozy embrace beneath your feet to an inviting canvas of style, comfort, and curated pathways, these versatile pieces also ensure a long-lasting addition to your décor.
  • With a lively array of colors and patterns, rugs add vibrancy and character, making them a versatile and stylish choice for any setting.
  • More than just a practical item, it's a noteworthy element that draws attention and makes a bold statement that balances out a space.

Take Comfort In Every Step

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to define your surroundings and make every step a delight with a runner. Set the perfect vibe in your entryway, bring one into the bedroom, or give your small hallways a delightful personality makeover – runners got it covered. Runner rugs in every step will enhance your space with coziness and personality. So embrace the warmth they bring. Transform any room in the home effortlessly with the cozy underfoot touch of a runner. So, next time you're thinking, "Hmm, what can spruce up this long stretch?" – enter the runner rug.

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