6 Tips Decorating A Small Bedroom

Want to free up some floor space in your small bedroom? Want your small bedroom to feel larger? Arranging and decorating a small bedroom with minimal floor space may seem like a daunting task. But with a few easy changes here and there, your small bedroom will feel more spacious and functional. Here's is 6 easy tips to making the most out of your small bedroom.
01. Start with a layout | 02. Bring In a Functional Bed | 03. Define Areas with a Rug | 04. Decorate with Multipurpose Furniture | 05.  Use Wall Space | 06. Free Up Tablespace with Lighting  

6 Tips For Decorating A Small Bedroom



Start with the Layout

Begin styling your small bedroom by placing your bed at the center of the most visible wall. This simple step creates a balanced and inviting focal point that sets the foundation for an easy flow when adding essential elements like nightstands, a rug, and any other bedroom necessities. So, start with the heart of the room – your bed – and let the rest of your bedroom essentials fall into place effortlessly.



Bring in a Functional Bed

A platform bed is a perfect solution to arranging a small bedroom. It adds storage below for your shoe collection or extra bedding. Another great option would be a built-in multipurpose headboard with shelving and side closet space. They provide practical storage and shelving above for your magazines or jewelry as they super  functional without taking up a lot of floor space but adding a lot of storage. 




Define The Area With A Rug

Make a small room feel larger and a great way to add softness to your room. Always choose the right rug size to compliment your small bedroom. Following the beds lead is a easy way to finding the right size. The rug should fit 2/3 under the bed.



Style With Multifunctional Furniture

Making use of storage furniture. A storage bench is perfect for storing extra sheets and pillows and it also gives you a seating area. Big furniture is not a good idea in a small bedroom so why not use a small dresser instead and opt out to using a nightstand.  This will also benefit in additional storage for your out of season clothes and items.



Think Vertical With Walls

When dealing with a cozy bedroom and not a ton of floor space, think vertical! Use the space on your walls. Wall mount your TV instead of using a unit. It not only looks sleek but also gives you more floor space to play with. Consider adding some floating shelves – they're fantastic for stacking your favorite books or showcasing photos.



Free Up Table Space With Lighting

Free up some space on your nightstands when decorating your small bedroom by swapping out those side lamps for stylish wall sconces, floor lamps or a pendant light fixture! It's a win-win, giving you that extra counter space on your nightstands. You get more room to place your essentials like books, glasses, or that cup of tea, all while adding a chic and functional element to your bedroom decor.


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