How to Make the Most of Mirrors in Home Decor Ideas & Inspiration

Styling with Mood-Setters, Light-Bringers, & Space-Definers Mirrors


No 01. A Must-Have Home Upgrade

No.02. Tips for Perfect Placement

No.03. Navigating Size, Shape & Styles

Mirrors can be a powerful tool in home design. Not only do they serve a functional purpose, but they also help create the illusion of space and amplify light in a room. By strategically placing mirrors in the home, you can reflect natural light and add texture to transform a dull or cramped space into a bright and inviting one. A mirror can be used as a decorative element to create captivating reflections, frame a view, and add flair to your home decor. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional aesthetic in ornate frames, sculptural designs, or a cluster of smaller sizes, mirrors come in an eclectic mix of designs and sizes to help you achieve your design goals. So why not explore the many possibilities of styling mirrors in your home today.


Mirrors, A Must-Have Home Upgrade

Mirrors are a simple yet effective way to elevate your interiors. Incorporate them into your home for a stylish and functional addition.

ideas for mirrors in the home


Create a Focal Point

Just as much of an impact as a painting, a mirror is a great tool to create a focal point and capture the attention of anyone entering the room. A well-placed mirror strategically hung to make a space feel larger or an oversized mirror propped against a wall will add a textural element and visual intrigue to any area in the home.


Increase Natural Light

Mirrors are an excellent way to echo natural light in a room. Placing a mirror opposite a window or any natural light will reflect, frame, and enhance- this will allow the mirror to reflect the incoming light and distribute it throughout the room, effectively brightening up the space.


Mirror Add Depth

Use mirrors to create a sense of elevation and brightness in a room. Place a mirror at the end of a hallway or a small room to fabricate an impression of a larger space. Additionally, use mirrors to create a sense of balance in a room by reflecting furniture or other design elements.


Enhance Decor With Mirrors

Mirrors are versatile and can complement any decorating style. Decorative mirrors can enhance your existing decorative pieces to show in the reflection when used as a backdrop to other decorative items, such as vases or sculptures.


Make a Statement

Large or uniquely shaped mirrors can add a touch of drama to a room. A unique and eye-catching mirror can also serve as a conversation starter and make a lasting impression on guests. Draw the eye and mount a large mirror in a living room to reflect other elements while doubling the impact of your favored artwork or lighting fixtures.


Mirrors aren't just decorations; they're mood-setters, light-bringers, and space-definers. 


floor mirror celtic

The Leaning Floor Mirror Celtic is made from Birch Plywood and Mirror, which gives a cool modern vibe that would totally fit into any home setup. It's super light, so you can easily move it around and find the perfect spot. And with this full-length mirror, you'll always be rocking your best look. Plus, the design is so sleek and contemporary that it's like an instant touch of elegance that'll never go out of style. Perfect for any room.

Material: Birch Plywood + Mirror |Dimensions: 160cm(h) x 70cm(w) | Design: Free standing | Easy to move



floor mirror birch

This Leaning Floor Mirror Birch brings a classy vibe to any room in your place. The design is sleek, and the best part is you can move it around wherever you want for that perfect angle. The Birch finish adds a modern touch that's totally stylish. It's built to last, so it's gonna stick around for ages. It might be just the floor mirror your home been missing!

Material: Birch Plywood + Mirror |Dimensions: 170cm(h) x 52cm(w) | Design: Free standing | Style: Sleek and simple

For a head-to-toe view, these floor mirrors simply lean against a wall for an instant style upgrade.



Mirror Placement and Stylish Reflections

hanging mirrors

When Hanging A Mirror Consider


  1. Placement: Choose a location that reflects natural light or enhances the room's focal points. Opposite a window or across from a piece of art can work well.
  2. Height: Hang the mirror at eye level or slightly above. Consider the average height of people in the space for the best visual impact.
  3. Size and Proportion: Match the mirror size to the wall and furniture. A large mirror can make a small room feel more spacious, while a small mirror can accentuate a specific area.
  4. Safety: Ensure the mirror is securely mounted, using appropriate hardware for the wall type (e.g., studs or anchors).
  5. Style and Framing: Choose a frame that complements your decor style. A decorative frame can add personality, while a frameless mirror offers a modern touch.
  6. Reflection: Position the mirror to reflect visually pleasing elements, like artwork, plants, or a scenic view.
  7. Arrangement: Experiment with single or multiple mirrors for a unique look. Group smaller mirrors together for an artistic display.
  8. Functionality: Consider the mirror's purpose. In a hallway it can add depth, in the bedroom, it aids in dressing, and in a living room, it can highlight the space.



Navigating Size, Shape, and Styles With Mirrors 

wall mirrors

Play around with different sizes, shapes, and styles to find what works best for your space. Hang a large mirror in a tiny space to create the illusion of more space, and if you group a bunch of smaller mirrors.


Choosing Size & Shape

A carefully chosen mirror can become a statement piece or a focal point that ties everything together. A well-sized mirror also has this incredible talent for bouncing light around to even the darkest corner, where a room suddenly feels brighter and more alive. From the classic rectangular, charmingly arched, elegant oval, quirky egg-shaped, and even the daringly asymmetrical, mirrors come in a mesmerizing array of shapes and sizes. Like a big, bold piece of art that anchors your room, mirrors can create the illusion of more space. So, when creativity strikes, whip out that measuring tape and aim for a size that snugly nestles into the area.

Pay Attention To The Frame Style

Next, pay attention to the frame. Preferring a mirror with an unconventional frame style- in that case, repurposed wood, vintage window panes, or a collection of smaller mirrors grouped together for an eclectic vibe might be your mirror's style choice. A distressed wooden framed mirror could be a favorable choice for a cozy cottage, even if you're in the heart of the city for a rustic look and for something more glam, a metallic or ornate frame as a focal point above your headboard.

Picking Placement

When picking the perfect placement, consider how light plays into the equation. Hang a mirror in a spot that catches natural light or across from a light source to help brighten the room and make it feel even more open. An area that gains natural light opposite a window can do wonders for your space. If you're not blessed with tons of natural light, you can strategically place your mirror across from a light source. This could be a pendant light or even a couple of chic sconces. The mirror will bounce the light around, creating this illusion of a brighter, airier space.

Quality and Durability Check

Quality and durability matter, so when browsing through options, don't forget to give the mirror itself a good look. Check for any distortion or warping in the reflection. A high-quality mirror will show a clear image without any weird wobbles. If concerned about durability, go for mirrors with thicker glass or sturdy frames as they tend to be sturdier and less prone to accidental mishaps.

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