Dining Room Decor Ideas For Your Gathering Space

There are so many reasons to create a presence in the dining room. The dining area is where the family has a meal together, where we entertain guests, or a space to gather for special occasions. It's important to frame this space and make the dining area stand out. When shopping for the best dining room decor ideas, consider the style of the rest of the home and the function the dinner room will serve. From the seating options to accommodate the family when you host to dining table decor, as well as light fixtures to little decorative details like candle holders and woven rugs.


Don't Overcrowd The Dining Table

The dining table connects people. It is truly a place for sharing experiences, and to have great moments chatting during and after dinner. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the different dining room choices; round, oval, square, and rectangle. For a balanced and well-proportioned dining room layout, I love the rectangular and round tables. They provide comfort and prevent the room from feeling cramped with the perfect dining table size and the number of chairs based on the room’s dimensions. Optimizing seating without overcrowding is key to maintaining a balanced look. No one wants to be bumping elbows at dinner, so to make your shopping for a dining table easier.

Here is a seating guideline for rectangular tables

  • 122 cm long table: seats 4
  • 152-183 cm table: seats 6
  • 203-221 cm table: seats 8
  • 234-274 cm table: seats 10
  • 305 cm table: seats 12

The round table I feel it makes the most out of small compact spaces, also offering a flexible seating solution. Invest in a six or eight-seater as it's very accommodating.

Here is a seat guideline for round dining tables

  • 107-122 cm diameter table: seats 4
  • 152 cm diameter table: seats 6-8


Hang Wall Decor

Frame this space and make the dining area stand out with stunning wall art. Whether it's a single statement piece or a curated gallery wall, it should span at least two-thirds the width of the dining room table but typically not exceed the table's length. Slightly narrower than the length of your table will look best. This balance enhances visual harmony, making your dining area feel cohesive and thoughtfully designed. A captivating vintage seascape would be wonderful to bring in a casual element or a curated collection of oversized canvas prints to help the entire space feel more pulled together.


Lay Down Area Rug

If you team rug in the dining area, the answer to anchoring your dining furniture arrangement and changing up the look and feel of the dining space has been right under your feet the entire time. Usually, we shop according to colors, patterns, and sizes we like, and don’t consider material. Laying down a flatweave rug, tufted or even a low-pile rug, in our opinion is the best choice for dining rooms as they are easiest to move chairs around, it’s durable and easy to clean. When it comes to proportions make sure there’s plenty of space to pull the chairs in and out. Give room from the edge of your table to the edge of the rug with more or less 60cm to the length and width of your table.


Pendant Lights Over The Table

Your light fixture is the spotlight. They set the mood, highlight the stars ( furniture and artwork), and create a captivating ambiance. The right scale when hanging your light fixtures will help the entire space to feel more pulled together. Hang your pendant where the bottom of your light fixture is at least 76-91 cm above the table. This height ensures clear sightlines, allowing everyone to see each other without obstruction and it creates a comfortable, inviting dining experience that really draws you into the room, making it well-lit and incredibly enjoyable. If you hang a row of pendants above your dining table, space them perfectly so they don’t feel too close and confined. It also allows the light to diffuse evenly around the room, creating a warm, inviting glow instead of concentrating on just one spot.


Wheel In A Bar Cart For Stylish Dining

Create a spot that would work as a bar, to hold platters and other “entertaining” tabletop items. Get ready for your next big gathering with the perfect round bar cart. Ideal for hosting guests at your cocktail or dinner party, this sleek cart stores all your items on its stylish shelves when not in use. When it’s time to serve wheel it around the room on its convenient casters, delivering drinks to order. Its compact size makes navigating between rooms a breeze. The bar cart's small surface area and mobile nature add a touch of elegance and efficiency to dining, making your hosting experience pack a luxe look in the dining area seamlessly.


Table Top Decor Ideas For Your Gathering Space

An everyday centerpiece or some vases will make your dining room feel more casually styled and personal. On our dining table, you’ll find just one thing sitting in the middle of my table, a spiked coral on a glass stand. It definitely helps with the coastal look we're going for. When you have just a little surface to work with, like a round dining table, you can go the sculptural vase with the fresh floral route, or for something less maintenance, pick a faux potted plant. For more of a visual interest in your decor collection on a rectangular table, use the “grouping of 3” method, whether it's a candle holder collection, the three-vessel route, or low to-high ratio with a tray as the base and small sculpture and a tripod footed bowl.

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