Easy tips for Decorating your home

Tips and tricks for decorating your home...Check out my essential design tips


Easy tips for Decorating your home


Need help decorating a space that will meet your needs and appeal to your defined style?

I'm here to help you create the interiors you will love. It's always best to start any project with a formulated design plan.


These easy tips and tricks will help you get started!!

Make a checklist 

-How many people live in your home. 

-How the room/s will be used 

-The needs of the room/s you will be designing. 

(E.g) If it's a family room consider a tv unit or a games table in that area. 


By having a simple checklist at hand will help you plan what is needed and what is most important in the overall design scheme. 


Then Decide on the feeling of the room. 

Do you want it to be cozy, bright, organised or playful? Use these steps as guideline when making those hard design decisions.


When starting, it's best to know your colour scheme, furnishings and decor.


Your Flooring

Wooden flooring, tiles or carpets. It's simply your choice on how you want the room to feel like at the end. Hardwood or laminated flooring is highly recommended as they are durable and versatile. You can add a great floor rug for a balanced ambiance in the space.


The Paint Colours

Invest in high quality paint. It will last longer and will save you time and money in the long run. 

Try using neutral colours on the walls, as it will create a feeling of spaciousness. 

If you want more colour on the walls then go for it.... 

Nothing you do is permanent- so rooms can be repainted.



Its important to consider your lighting fixtures to your newly designed space. 

Adding the correct placement of lighting can make a small room feel much bigger and a larger room feel more intimate and cosy. Dimmer switchers are great as they help you control your rooms lighting and your electric current in the home. So a total"win win".


Creating Texture

Textures and patterns works great in your homes decor. 

Mixing wood grains to various contrasting colours will add so much personality into your space. 

So be sure to include different patterns and textures into your rooms designs. 

It will add a modern touch to your home's interior. 



A great tip to keep in mind, is to not use to many pieces of furniture in a room. 

It can cause your space to feel to cramped and can make it appear smaller. 

Rather opt for a few key pieces of furniture as this will allow everything to be more accessible and look and feel more complete.


When working in a smaller area, add furniture pieces that have versatility.

For example in a smaller living area, make use of an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table and as extra seating if needed. If you have a lot of furnishings or collectables that you would like to put on display, I suggest you keep your walls simple. It will make the space look and feel less cluttered. 

We all know that old and new belong together. So don't be afraid to mix and match those modern and antiques furniture pieces, as it will never goes out of style.

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