Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors

From reflection to design, mirrors set the overall tone of your room. They're the style mavens that set the vibe for your room. Choosing the perfect mirror isn't just a practical move; it's a style statement that can make your space go from "nice" to "wow" from a functional and style point of view. 

Here are a few ways to decorate with mirrors.


Transforming Your Space with Depth, Style, and Illusion

So, here's the lowdown on decorating with mirrors. First off, consider the size and shape – A well-placed mirror can open up your space, add depth, and even play with the lighting game. Decorating and arranging with mirrors of different shapes and frames brings instant style to your home. Whether round, square, framed, or unframed, a mirror makes fantastic wall decor. From sleek and modern to ornate and vintage, the frame is where you can show off your style personality. Go bold with gold, keep it minimalist with black, or embrace the rustic charm with wooden frames.

Create A Stunning View Wherever A Mirror Is Placed

Round Mirror on a artificial flower wall


Picture this: You walk in, and the mirror not only catches that last-minute hair check but also bounces around the light, making the whole area feel more open and spacious. It's like an instant upgrade for your entryway, bedroom, or living area that "wow, this space is bigger than I thought" vibe. 


When it comes to styling an entryway, there are a lot of decorative touches that can make it feel more welcoming. Mirrors are a great finishing touch to complement entryway decor without overpowering it. 


Whether as a stylish touch in a modern bedroom or complementing the charm of farmhouse chic, a mirror is poised to play a supporting role without stealing the show. And here's the beauty – mirrors don't overpower; they complement. They're your entryway's finishing touch without stealing the spotlight decor.


Strategically placed mirrors can enhance natural light and create interesting reflections. – they can easily brighten up the space with a flick of reflection, creating this illusion of depth and making your entry feel like a grand welcome.



Now, let's talk styling. 

How To Decorate a Room With A Mirror

A mirror can create a striking statement and create an illusion of more space in a room. Often used to reflect the wall opposite, so be sure to think about the end reflection to extend the wow factor. Choose the best position that really shows it off to the best effect. Bounce back something uplifting such as a stunning piece of artwork to a beautiful garden to add positive energy to bring playfulness and create a focal point in the room. And not only does it look great, but it also gives the illusion of visually enlarging a room.


Striking Statement and Illusion of Space

Mirrors serve a dual purpose – They make a statement and trick your eyes into thinking there's way more space than meets the eye. It's like a visual expansion for your room, making it feel larger and more open. 


Reflections Matter

Consider what the mirror reflects. Reflecting the opposite wall is a classic move, but think about what will bounce back into the room. This mirror trick? Oh, it amps up the wow factor big time, making the mirror a dynamic element in the room.


Choosing the Best Position

Placement is key! Find that sweet spot where the mirror maximizes its visual impact. It's like showcasing the mirror in its prime, ensuring it steals the spotlight most stylishly.


Bouncing Back Positivity

Mirrors can do more than reflect. They bounce back. Place it opposite something uplifting –like a breathtaking piece of art or a serene garden view. It's like bringing in a positive and captiviating atmosphere all at once.


Creating a Focal Point

More than just decor. A large mirror can reflect captivating scenes or decor elements, turning the mirror into a visual centerpiece. By strategically placing and reflecting decor elements, you create a focal point that draws attention and adds character to the room.


Visual Enlargement

Beyond aesthetics, mirrors play a visual trick by making a room appear larger than it is. It's like a little optical illusion that adds to the overall charm. When used correctly, they can distribute natural and artificial light with a light-reflecting, space-enhancing focal point with striking results.



And don't shy away from the power of multiples


Set of wooden framed round mirrors


Quick Tip: Grouping small mirrors can be as effective as a cluster of art prints.

Decorate with a collection of mirrors for an easy way to create a focal point to instant charming up a room. Hang several mirrors in a scale of shapes to add an other-worldly touch on one wall creating a little artistic inspiration. The latest trends in decoration show that decorating walls with mirrors is a practical necessity and undoubtedly one of the most popular home decor accessories to date.




Mirrors in the Bathroom

Mirrors in the Bathroom


Sometimes a mirror is the missing puzzle piece to your styling setup. From fixing the hair to checking one's appearance, this piece of home decor is used a lot of times in our day-to-day lives. Adding a large mirror above the bathroom sink or vanity instantly adds the illusion of more space to make it look bigger and brighter. Whether going bold and colorful or modern and chic, a unique bathroom mirror is a perfect way to add an extra punch of personal style.



Go Leaning Mirrors

Leaning Mirrors

Large mirrors are a surefire way to reflect the most light into any space to open up a small bedroom or living room. They create additional space and help bounce around light. A single mirror can make a difference in a room, so choosing a full-length or oversized mirror with a simple frame in the corner can instantly add dimension to any room. Plus, you can check your outfit, which you cannot do with any other type of wall decor. For an easy-going contemporary-inspired look, lean against a wall and add a real or faux potted plant next to the mirror for a fresh and light unexpected visual treat. 

Let's Not Forget About Style When Choosing The Perfect Mirror Design

Here's a take on why style should take center stage when mirror shopping:

Picking the perfect mirror is all about bringing that trendy accessory game to your room – it's got to complement your style and add that extra flair. Whether you're vibing with the sleek round style, a modern rectangle shape, or rocking the vintage vibes with a wooden delight, your reflection deserves nothing less than a show-stopping frame! Mirrors are not only about functionality also focus on the style that makes a statement!" Explore various mirror shapes 



Round Mirror

Round Mirror with leather strap

Circles are definitely calming, eye-pleasing shapes, so a round mirror can add a touch of softness to a bathroom without disrupting the flow.




Tall Mirrors

Leaning arched floor mirror

A dome shape mirror, pill-shaped, or popsicle-shaped mirror adds a quirky touch to a wall. When placed correctly, the effect multiplies as a set of 2 or 3 mirrors. The perfect blend between elegant and on-trend.




Rectangular Mirrors

Flower Rectangle Mirror - Textured Frame

An angular shape such as a rectangle or square will help give off a retrained look and, if you love symmetry, this is a great mirror option.


Beyond the Walls With Mirror Decor

Mirror Decor by Woodka Interiors


Mirrors aren't confined to the walls alone! Embrace decorative mirror objects like a mirrored tray, a chic mirror clock, or a set of mirrored coasters to effortlessly sprinkle a touch of sparkle onto tabletops and elevate the entire decor ensemble. Get creative and explore various mirror designs, shapes, styles, and finishes to incorporate into your interior. 


Bring instant style to your space with cool and unique wall mirrors from Woodka Interiors. Find decorative mirror objects for every room in the house!

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