6 Throw Blanket Storage Ideas Made Easy from Cozy to Organized

Who can resist the cozy and inviting feeling that a well-placed throw blanket brings to any setting?

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Nothing beats the comfort of a throw, especially during the cool evening breeze. After all, staying warm and stylish go hand in hand. But, as you accumulate these irresistible companions to the home decor, finding creative ways to store them becomes essential for maintaining an organized interior. It can be challenging to store. Whether stashed away for a neat look or proudly showcasing them, strike the perfect balance to maintaining a cozy and organized living space.



Showcase on a Classic Blanket Ladder

Classic Blanket Ladder

One timeless and versatile option for displaying throws is the classic blanket ladder. Available in various materials such as wood, metal, or bamboo, these ladders showcase your blanket collection with a modern touch to your space. This way, your throw blankets are easily accessible and draped over the ladder rungs for an effortlessly chic look.



Display on Wall Hooks

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Why settle for conventional storage. Turn your throw blankets into more than cozy essentials but a captivating feature with display wall hooks adding layers of visual texture to your living space. Suspended in a thoughtful arrangement, hanging throws on wall hooks provide a unique and visually appealing display. This storage method of simply hanging your throw blankets on the wall hooks adds an eclectic and eye-catching wall art display.



Store in Woven Baskets and Bins

Woven Baskets and Bins

For those who prefer a more organized and tucked-away approach, baskets and woven bins are a fantastic option. Woven baskets or stylish storage bins can be placed strategically in your living room or bedroom to keep blankets neatly tucked away when not in use. Functional and versatile to easily access your blankets whenever you want to snuggle up - the perfect blend of warmth and style.



Hang on Quilt Racks and Hangers

Similar to blanket ladders, quilt racks offer a stylish and functional way to store throws. These decorative options allow you to hang your blankets on the wall or drape them over horizontal bars with racks that complement your decor style – whether a vintage-inspired metal rack or a sleek, modern hanger, keeping your blankets organized but also transforming them into eye-catching wall art.



Stash in Blanket Chests or Trunks

For generous storage, consider investing in a blanket chest or trunk classic pieces placed at the foot of the bed or in the living room as a dedicated space for blanket storage and add a sense of history and charm to your home. Toss your throw blankets inside for a stylish storage solution that doubles as a decorative furniture item and for your throws to have a stylish home.


Showcase Layering with Decor

Showcase Layering with Decor

Transform your throw blankets into style statements by incorporating them into your decor. Drape a textured throw over the arm of your sofa, layer different throws for a cozy look on your bed, or fold them artfully on a statement chair. Enhance the visual appeal by mixing and matching colors and patterns in your space while keeping your throw blankets ready for use.


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