A Fresh New Twist With A New Website

Hey there, fellow home enthusiasts! We can hardly contain our excitement as we unveil a game-changer in how you connect with Woodka Interiors. Because let's face it, crafting a home that inspires goes beyond just picking out furniture


That's why we're over the moon to introduce our brand - website, where you'll find insights that spark your imagination with our ongoing blog and seamless shopping on our online homeware store.


This Has Truly Been A Labor Of Love

How Woodka Interiors Started was a mix of the love for design and the simple beauty of homemaking that inspired us to open Woodka Interiors as a "home away from home" store. With our combined experience in the decorating and sales fields and many, many hours of learning with months of planning and execution- we soon launched in June 2018, filled with hand-selected decor, furniture from local manufacturers, candles, throws, beautiful inspiration pieces, and so much more. This little store offered people to find things for their homes or gifts for loved ones, and we had the pleasure of meeting many who travel from far and near to visit to find pieces that fit their unique styles. Hesitated to take this leap for years, Woodka Interiors soon grew to become our full-time career.

With many requests, we soon realized that many of our customers were asking if we had an online store too. So why not!!. Turning a small space in our home into a shipping warehouse and becoming "experts" in many different areas of photography, web development, and marketing - the list was endless. In late 2019, our journey of creating our online destination went live. Soon after to make the site easier to find the best information, we added useful design and style resources to our blog. It is surreal to think that this is our brand and we couldn't be more excited to share this new website format of Woodka Interiors with everyone.


Onto the New Evolving Journey

We are excited to evolve and design this site so that no matter what stage you are in. Looking for inspiration, we’ve created 5 specific design categories filled with decorating, and styling advice, and for shopping this new site format will allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for you can find what you need easily.

We've got the perfect combo for you.


01. Read

02. Shop


Where Ideas Blossom: Say Hello to Our New Home Corner

We're all about weaving stories into your living spaces. That's why we've redefined the shopping experience, offering you not just furniture, but a narrative for your living spaces. At Woodka Interiors, every piece has a tale to tell, and every corner of your home becomes a chapter in the story of your life.


Because Your Home Deserves More Than Just Furniture, It Deserves A Story.


Beyond Furniture with Decor Tips For Inspiration. Join us in creating a unique, personalized ambiance that goes beyond mere décor – Where we spill the beans on the latest trends and tips, from effortlessly blending modern and classic styles to creating spaces that work for you, consider us for staying ahead of the home decor curve. Read more on creating cozy space tips or easy ways to refresh your living space with a vase or two.– it's like trying before buying, but without leaving your couch.

Discover how (or maybe to rearrange some furniture) to transform their spaces using Woodka Interiors' signature pieces. Spoiler alert: The results are nothing short of stunning! Peek behind the curtain with content to unleash your artistic side with our home decor ideas, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro. We've got something to spark your creativity.


From Concept to Clicks: Explore Our Latest Online Store

Effortless Shopping with Woodka Interiors.

Our goal is simple – to make your shopping experience smoother, more enjoyable, and ultimately, to help you discover what you're looking for. Navigate through our collections designed to cater to diverse tastes and styles.

Whether your heart beats for contemporary or you're all about the minimalism charm, find the pieces that speak to you and complement your home perfectly. We understand that your time is precious. Simplify your purchase with a user-friendly interface. A few clicks and your order is on its way because we believe in making your Woodka Interiors experience as smooth as possible.

Our online store isn't just a business - it offers customers a variety of products they can use to improve their homes. We love helping clients find the perfect furniture, gift, or connection in their own spaces. We're always looking for new adventures and ways to make our clients happy- starting with the little things. From must-have homeware to gifts for loved ones, Woodka Interiors provides options suitable for everyone and helps make spaces come alive with the perfect pieces.

We hope you find our collections of furniture and accessories beautiful and our hopefully relatable source of style content helpful in creating a home that makes you happy. Our team members are always ready and excited to help you find the perfect pieces for your home or decorating project. We appreciate your support as we continuously work to build a brand that everyone can enjoy!


The Woodka Interiors Team

The Home Decor Store For all Things Chic

Now go and explore new products, dive into some beautiful accessories, and learn some of our decor tips (and more).


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