Nightstands Ideas: Your Ultimate Bedside Table Buying Guide

Wooden Nightstand for bedroom decor


Typically, when styling a bedroom, the bed usually takes center stage as the focal point. However, there are moments when inspiration strikes from an unexpected source – that sleek, crafted nightstand. Even though it might seem small, well-chosen nightstands can make a big difference. Picking bedside tables that complement the furniture and overall room sets the foundation for the rest of the bedroom. From sleek pedestals to clever nesting tables, Woodka Interiors side tables are perfect for smaller bedrooms or anyone looking to make the most of their space. With our focus on nightstands and bedside tables, we'll cover selecting the perfect nightstand, maintaining balance in your bedroom decor, exploring chic nightstand ideas, and considerations to ensure harmony in your space.


Selecting Nightstands
Maintaining Balance 
Sizing Considerations
Chic Nightstand Ideas


Selecting Nightstands For The Bedroom

Nightstand in Black by Woodka interiors


When choosing a nightstand, it's essential to consider style and functionality. Nightstand style is all about how it looks, whether modern, Scandinavian, or vintage. It shows off what you like and matches how your bedroom looks. The best nightstand is both practical and complements your bedroom's decor.

Despite their sometimes subtle presence, nightstands might seem small and get overlooked, but they're essential for providing an accessible space to keep your everyday essential items. This furniture piece can come with various features, such as an open bottom for accommodating a woven basket, multiple drawers for storage, or even places to charge your devices. Nightstands is a convenient spot for bedside lamps and handy drawers, ready to keep all your bedtime essentials, from books to lotions, within arm's reach of the bed. 

Maintaining Balance with Bedroom Furniture Pieces

Thendo Bedside Table White

Keeping balance with bedroom furniture is when everything fits well together and doesn't overwhelm the space. It's about finding the right size and style of bedside tables and any other pieces you have so they all work together harmoniously in your room. In the bedroom, it's wise to stick to a maximum of two contrasting wood tones to maintain visual harmony.

For instance, If you have a bed made of white wood alongside matching nightstands, introduce other materials to add warmth and balance. To maintain balance with bedroom furniture, consider adding a woven rug for texture or including metal accents. These additions help tie everything together seamlessly, complementing the overall look and feel of the room.


Nightstand Sizing Considerations

Hertex Huas Nightstand

If you have a king-sized bed, you'll want nightstands that match its size. Nightstands give you plenty of room to keep everything in balance. Where nothing feels too big or too small. But if your bedroom is smaller, compact bed tables come in handy. They're small enough to fit next to your bed while ensuring functionality within the limited area. Bedside tables with a single base and a small tabletop or nesting tables are perfect for bedrooms with limited square footage or pairing with twin or double beds.


Here are some chic nightstand ideas



Swedish Nightstand

Swedish Nightstand

Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or any space in need of stylish storage and display options. With its sleek solid mango wood silhouette and ample storage space, this nightstand effortlessly combines style and functionality.




Double Decker Side Table

Double Decker Side Table

Meet the double-decker Dot Side Table! This sleek and stylish metal side table is ideal for holding décor accessories or plants next to your couch, as a compact bedside table or against the dining room wall.





Thendo Bedside Table Black

Thendo Bedside Table Black

The chic bedside table is a must-have for enhancing your mid-century or Scandinavian-inspired décor. Offering ample storage space for your essentials, in classic black or crisp white, this bedside table effortlessly stays in style, no matter how trends evolve.

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