24 Decor Pieces to Channel a Coastal Getaway at Home

Turn your space into a tranquil coastal getaway, regardless of the season.

Decor For Coastal Home

We're all longing for that blissful getaway, aren't we? While we can't jet off to paradise every week (oh, how we wish!), there's no reason we can't bring a slice of that coastal vacation vibe right into our homes. Imagine walking into a space that feels as refreshing and invigorating as your favorite beach destination—it's possible! 

Injecting your home with pieces that evoke memories of your most cherished getaways is a surefire way to infuse it with personality and warmth, no matter the season. And the beauty of it all? You get to play curator, mixing and matching elements from various influences and styles to craft a space that's uniquely yours. 

So, if you're craving a little escape from the doldrums of winter (or any season, really), look no further. We've put together a carefully curated decor guide inspired by the places we love to retreat to. From breezy coastal accents to serene island-inspired touches, these pieces will transport you to your happy place, right in the comfort of your own home.


Coastal Furnishing Pieces To Channel A Coastal Getaway

Furnishings for coastal style

1. Kokoma Rattan Bar Cart: A wicker wonderland on wheels! The Kokoma Rattan Bar Cart brings tropical vibes and practical elegance to your entertaining game.

2. Bell Woven Pendant Light: Illuminate your coastal retreat with the soft glow of our impressive woven pendant light. In 3 sizes, this light fixture is perfect for creating ambiance, whether indoors or out on an undercover patio, seamlessly carrying the coastal look throughout your space.

3. Boulder Pouf: Indulge in beachy bliss with our leather poufs, available in four delightful colors. Perfect for lounging or kicking back in true coastal comfort, these poufs double as stylish accent chairs ideal for small spaces.

4. Furrow Faux Fur Throws: Wrap yourself in seaside serenity with our luxurious faux fur throw, designed to bring the cozy warmth and textural allure of a sunny beach day right into your home. Available in three chic colorways that effortlessly complement any decor, these throws are not just accessories—they're invitations to indulge in comfort and style all year round

5. Splayed Shelving Unit: Display your coastal treasures with flair on our ladder-style shelving unit, a crisp white canvas for your seashell collections and ocean-inspired decor.

6. Archy Solid Wood Stool: A small wooden stool that's not just ideal for adding a rustic touch, but also doubles as a versatile side table.

7. Coral Table Lamp Base: Pair it with your favorite lampshade to tailor your lighting just the way you like it. This table lamp is the perfect addition for adding warmth and style to your coastal-themed interiors.

8. Treasure Area Rug: Anchor your room in coastal coolness with our vintage-style area rug, (200cmWx300cmL) its faded hues and breezy vibes tie the whole beach house look together.

9. Colonial Carved Wooden Frame: If you're into colonial style, this frame is an absolute gem. Just a heads-up—it's a frame, so you'll need to pop in a mirror or glass if you're planning to use it for a print.

10. Fafa Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: This tree stands 220cm tall, bringing the outdoors in with vibrant greenery that adds life and movement to any room, fooling even the most discerning eye. Let this effortlessly bring much-needed greenery and charm to any space to take center stage and become the focal point of your décor.

11. Obsession Swivel Chair in Picasso Cloud: Drift into comfort with our plush white swivel chair, a stylish chair that spins you into relaxation mode with coastal ease.

12. Orbit Oval Coffee Table: Keep it sleek and chic with our minimalist oval coffee table in crisp white, a versatile centerpiece for any coastal living space.


Decor Accent Pieces For A Coastal Feel At Home

decor accessories for coastal look

13. White Barnacle Coral Sculpture: This elegant white piece as a beautiful nod to marine life, adds a touch of seaside charm to any corner of your room.

14. Hanging Pot Plant Holder: The perfect perch to showcase your favorite plants. With its elevated design, this holder doesn't just display your greenery—it adds vertical interest, making it ideal for creating visual layers in any room whether you're looking to bring greenery indoors or even to hold candles.

15. Artificial Sealeaf Topiary Ball: Who doesn’t love a bit of greenery? This artificial plant ball adds a burst of freshness and nature’s touch, without the need for a green thumb.

16.  Ginger Jars: These intricately designed white jars are not just for storage—they’re statement pieces ideal for display on shelves or mantles.

17. Whale Tail Sculpture: Rustic and charming, this whale tail sculpture (37cm) embodies the essence of the coast and makes for a captivating conversation starter.

18. Faux Coral Decor Bookends: Functional and stylish, these coral-shaped bookends keep your reads in place while adding a splash of coastal flair to your bookshelf.

19. Rectangle Baskets Green and Natural: Practical and pretty, these woven baskets in green and beige are perfect for storing essentials while maintaining that coastal aesthetic.

20. Wooden Photo Frame: Keep this serene botanical print or swap it out with a favorite photo of a special moment —a family vacation, a milestone celebration, or a beloved pet.

21. Mediterranean Glass Vase with Eucalyptus Stems: Whether you’re a fan of foraging or prefer the convenience of faux eucalyptus stems like this one, pairing them with this gorgeous green vase effortlessly brings a fresh look to your living room or as a striking centerpiece for your dining table.

22. Marble Decor: A geometric sculpture or a tic-tac-toe game set, marble decor adds elegance and playfulness to any room.

23. White Marble Noughts & Crosses: What's a coffee table without a standout centerpiece? This classic game gets a chic upgrade with its sleek marble finish. It's playful yet sophisticated, guaranteed to elevate any tabletop.

24. Abstract Ceramic Figures: These abstract figures add an artistic and modern touch to any decor setup, bringing a sense of sophistication and creativity.

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