How to Make Your Home Cozy, Warm, and Happier this Winter

We was excited when Redfin reached out and invited us to share our insights on making homes cozier this winter alongside interior design experts from around the globe. Join Woodka Interiors with valuable insights on Redfin’s blog, where we'll be sharing expert advice on how to transform your home into coziness as the cooler, darker days approach.

With other design professionals, we collaborated with Redfin to offer advice on how to make a cozy home atmosphere in winter

There are simple interior design tricks to elevate your space, whether embracing the winter wonderland or uplifting your spirits waiting for the sunny days during these colder months. As it's natural to seek warmth and comfort within our homes as the days grow darker and the air becomes cooler our focus shifts towards creating cozy sanctuaries where we can retreat and unwind. Catch our exclusive feature on Redfin – your go-to guide for creating a cozy, warm, and happier home this winter.


mixing luxurious textiles  in a home

Learn how mixing luxurious textiles and rich jewel tones can transform your space while incorporating in-season textures. Check out our best design tips to add warm, textural throws and blankets along with earthy greenery to bring a natural touch to your decor and create a welcoming home environment.

warm and cozy ambiance Living room

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Add natural elements for contrast and texture," was one of the key pieces of advice we shared. The idea is to give your space personality by incorporating wood accents alongside natural elements, thereby creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Consider using wooden candle holders to elegantly display the flickering soft glow of candles on your mantle.

Furthermore, at Woodka Interiors, we specialize in offering stylish furniture, decor, and home accessories perfect for embracing the cozy vibes of winter. Whether you're envisioning a sleek modern aesthetic or a cozy vibe, our collection includes faux fur throws and woven baskets in earthy tones. These elements instantly add texture and coziness to your space, creating an inviting atmosphere you'll love to come home to.


Scented candles are the cherry on top for a cozier home

Scented candles are the cherry on top for a cozier home

From mixing textures and infusing seasonal scents of pine or cinnamon to inspiration from nature by layering natural textured baskets and updating vases with eucalyptus or other green branches. 

Join me with valuable insights on sharing my expert advice. Explore Redfin’s blog post How to Make Your Home Cozy, Warm, and Happier this Winter by Redfin.

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