4 Coastal Decor Ideas for an Inspired Beach House Living Space

Decorating a coastal-inspired living space is a fantastic way to create a relaxed and airy feeling for your home.

Spiked faux Coral Bring a bright and breezy ocean-style feel into your interiors with natural and cool color palettes with the proper decor elements and accessories. With minimal décor and incorporating furnishings in crisp whites, sandy textures, and barely-there shades of blues is maybe all it takes to bring a beachy vibe year-round into your space. - No matter where you call home.  

Decorating coastal is to set up a feeling that everything just flows. Picture a worn-out smooth bleached driftwood table with rattan armchairs for a relaxing yet on-trend feel to your living room. Curtains that are light and airy allow sunshine to flood in simple seaside color palettes of layered blues and crisp whites. Put-your-feet-up comfy fabrics like linen, cotton, and floaty sheers, organic woven seagrass rugs, and jute baskets in soft earthy tones. Home fragrances of beach grass notes, lotus, and musk bring a warm glow and ocean-inspired scent to your home. The feeling of no boundary between indoors and outdoors. These elements bring the sense of the sea-side into your home. 

Take inspiration from coastal decor ideas, all so tasteful and chic — so go ahead and give in to temptation. You will not be disappointed!  Here are easy ways to bring the beach house decor vibe to your home with our inspiring tips!



Incorporate Beach House Inspired Wall Decor

Arch Wall Mirror

Hang up artwork or place a mirror to reflect the outdoors. Beach-inspired wall decor is a perfect way to infuse your space with a relaxed and breezy feel. Whether you're drawn to a captivating artwork of crashing waves or the timeless allure of this arched birch wood mirror, each piece offers a unique opportunity to enhance your space. With its sleek design, the mirror effortlessly reflects the natural light. Style your mirror to reflect a garden window and incorporate leafy plants (palm, wild olive, fiddleleaf, to name a few) to carry the outdoors in. This gives one a sense of being connected to nature.



Invest in Coastal Style Home Accessories

Ceramic whale BowlBring a few beachy decorative objects to create a relaxing atmosphere using eye-catching accessories. From the coffee table to the bookshelf, the ceramic vessel inspired by the silhouette of this decorative whale bowl brings the coastal feel into any room. Looks right at home as a standalone piece or nestled amongst books or other objects. And speaking of coastal feels, incorporating natural wood accents like candle holders, decorative accessories, and furniture pieces throughout your living space adds a playful coastal vibe to your home.


Capture the seaside beach house-style vibe decor ideas


White Barnacle Faux Coral Ornament   Faux Coral Candle Holders White S/3    Ornament | Whale Tail Decor


From Left to RightWhite Barnacle Faux Coral Ornament || Faux Coral Candle Holder White S/3 || Whale Tail Decor Ornament



Use Organic Fibers And Natural Textures

Runner Rug in bedroom

Bring an organic feel with rugs and woven baskets. Start by anchoring your space with a high-pile woven rug, the ultimate game-changer in setting the tone for relaxation and comfort. Sea-side complementary colors and patterns like soothing blues, sandy browns, and serene beige effortlessly complement various interior schemes adding texture form the ground up but also brings a beachy feeling indoors. Add one or two woven baskets to bring in an organic element. A practical decorative home accent in organic materials such as seagrass and jute brings warmth and texture. Adding baskets is simply essential coastal decorating items, plus the perfect furnishings to hold your throws or cushions. 


Work with complementary Coastal Decor Colors



Infuse Your Home With Refreshing Greenery

Faux olive tree in bedroom

Make it easy to channel those beach vibes right at home with greenery. Plants not only add life to your space but also bring the laid-back vibes of a beachside retreat indoors. These treasures instantly transport you to a tropical oasis, whether bouquet of tropical flowers on the coffee table or a lifelike plant standing proudly in the corner like this olive tree. With this piece, I love how effortless it is to enjoy the beauty of forever nature without the hassle of maintenance. It's the perfect way to channel those beach house vibes all year round, bringing a touch of coastal decor charm to your home with ease.

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