5 Snuggle-Worthy Throw Blankets for a Cozy Winter

Let's cozy up and talk about one of the most delightful additions to any living space: luxury throws.

Whether you're looking to elevate your townhouse vibe or aiming to add a touch of comfort to your home, throws are absolute game-changers. Throws come in all sorts of materials and designs, from plush faux fur (mimicking the appearance of genuine fur) to lightweight cotton or even chic woven patterns that add a pop of color. Why are they so great? Well, apart from being incredibly Instagram-worthy (hello, cozy aesthetics!), throws are versatile. They provide warmth during colder months, serve as stylish accents year-round, and are versatile enough to be used in multiple ways – from cozy blankets to decorative statements. They instantly transform your space, whether draped over the arm of your couch for a casual vibe or neatly folded at the foot of your bed for that magazine-cover look. And hey, they also make fantastic gifts (*hint hint* for birthdays and housewarmings). Lets cuddle up in comfort this season (when you need to grab an extra layer) with this top picks. They will be sure to add depth and texture to the space.

Highbury Cotton Knit Throw

Cotton Knit Throw On Bed

The Highbury Cotton Knit Throw ticks all the boxes. Your new go-to for adding a touch of cozy charm to your living space! Why Choose the Highbury Cotton Knit Throw? Made from 100% cotton knit, it offers a soft and breathable feel, perfect for all seasons.

Whether cuddling up on the sofa during winter or draping it over your shoulders on a cool summer evening, this throw provides just the right amount of warmth and comfort. Its generous dimensions (220cm W x 140cm L) make it versatile enough to use as a throw on your couch or bed, enhancing your decor while keeping you cozy and comfortable.

Purrfect Fur Throw in Lioness

The Purrfect Fur Throw in Lioness – your ultimate indulgence in comfort and style. Made from 100% polyester, this faux fur throw offers a plush and velvety softness that you'll love sinking into. Grab your Purrfect Fur Throw to make every corner of your home feel warm and inviting!

With dimensions of 240cm W x 180cm L, this throw is generously sized for versatile use. Use it as a cozy throw for lounging, a stylish blanket adding an extra layer of warmth during chilly evenings without cranking up the thermostat, or even as a decorative accent to tie your room together.

Serene Throw

Serene Throw in Pistachio woodka interiors

The Serene Throw in Pistachio | Almond – a blend of natural materials and soothing hues that promise to envelop you in relaxation. This blend of organic cotton and linen ensures a luxurious feel that is both cozy and breathable, making it perfect for year-round comfort.

With generous dimensions measuring 260cm in width and 200cm in length, the Serene Throws is generously sized to provide ample coverage whether you're snuggling up on the couch or seeking extra warmth on your bed.

Snowfox Faux Fur Throw

The Snowfox Faux Fur Throw is definitely worth considering if you're ready to elevate your home decor and treat yourself to some well-deserved comfort. Snuggle up in style and comfort with this Snowfox Faux Fur Throw — Enjoy the plush softness guilt-free — Rest assured, no animals were involved in its production.

A generous 240cm in width and 180cm in length, this throw blanket is large enough to cover your sofa or bed comfortably, offering plenty of room to wrap yourself up lounging solo or snuggling up with loved ones, there's plenty of room to enjoy its plush warmth.


Best Size Couch Throws for the Living Room

Couch Throws: For throws on the couch, consider sizes around 130cm to 180cm in width and 150cm to 200cm in length. This range allows the throw to cover the seating area comfortably without being too large or too small.

Accent Throws: Smaller accent throws, around 100cm to 130cm in width and 130cm to 150cm in length, can be draped over armchairs or used as decorative pieces on smaller furniture.


Furrow Faux Furs 

Faux Fur Throws

It doesn’t get comfier, more stylish or warmer than the Furrow Faux Furs. Choose a style or color that is right for you to welcome winter by getting your inner sanctuary ready with warm rich textures and cozy spots to snuggle up in. These real-feel faux-fur throws are made of 100% polyester, and have a minky (soft, fuzzy) backing and a plush texture.


Best Size Throw Blankets for the Bedroom

Bed Throw Blankets: For throws on beds, the size depends on your bed dimensions:

Twin/Single Bed: A throw around 150cm to 180cm wide and 200cm to 230cm long works well.

Double/Full Bed: A throw around 180cm to 200cm wide and 200cm to 230cm long.

Queen Bed: Choose a throw around 200cm to 230cm wide and 230cm to 250cm long.

King Bed: Look for a throw around 230cm to 260cm wide and 250cm to 280cm long.

Foot of the Bed: Throws Smaller throws, around 130cm to 150cm wide and 180cm to 200cm long, are perfect for adding a decorative touch to the foot of the bed.


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