Home Decor Guide For The Decor Enthusiast

I couldn't resist sharing a collection of absolutely swoon-worthy home decor finds. These stunning pieces will surely give your space that cozy, lived-in look. After all, who doesn't want a home that reflects their personality, right? From trendy planters and statement mirrors to snug rugs underfoot – a delightful shebang of accents that'll instantly bring loads of personality to your space! And you might find the perfect "I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE THIS" gift for a design-loving friend.


Complementing Interior Accents

These handpicked must-haves are destined to be treasured display pieces in your interiors. Here is a quick round-up of a few new home decor must-purchase accents and some of our many favorite pieces.

No.01. Eclectic Decor Enthusiast
No.02. Simplicity Fan
No.03 The Trend Obsessed
No.04. The Style Maven Fanatic



Eclectic Decor Enthusiast

  • Jute Round Mirror Natural
  • Rose Gold Mirror Tray (Versatile and visually elevating)
  • Gold Drip Bowl Planter Set (ideal home for your greenery)
  • Coral Classic Object is a favorite
  • Map Box a stylish way to organize
  • Bubble Garden Stool (Striking next to your sofa)
The Jute mirror's rustic charm is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity. For a chic platform, the mirror tray is a must-have to hold favorite items, while the gold drip on these bowls is strikingly unique. One of my top favorites among many is the timeless coral classic object, and keeping in style, the storage box keeps all those little things organized. And the bubble stool, not just seating but for every corner of the home statement piece.

Simplicity Fan

  • Wooden Pendant Neo Dome Light Black/Natural
  • Candle Holders Black Metal (sold separately)
  • Grey Champagne Flutes in a set of 6
  • Metal Wall Art - Signal ( More designs available)
  • Horse Sculpture Abstract Black Short ( Loving this)
  • Horse Sculpture Abstract Black Tall ( Yes please)
  • Dotted Plant Pot in dark grey ( Plant not included)

The modern style of the pendant will steal the spotlight, and these candle holders are perfect for setting the vibe. Gatherings got a whole lot more chic with these champagne flutes. From the handspun metal wall art and these horse sculptures (short or tall)— it's creativity in every form, and the dotted planter in dark grey, its modern chic meets functionality right there.




The Trend Obsessed

  • Ceramic Gem Tray Set of 3 (little luxury)
  • Vase Green Steps (loving this right now)
  • Porcelain Giraffe (also sold separately)
  • Bali Planter Pot (Add your favorite faux plant)

Check out the gem tray set – 3 little luxuries for your trinkets. And the steps vase, it so right now. Then there's the porcelain giraffes, a quirky touch that adds personality to any shelf. With the Bali planter pot – it's simply popping in your favorite faux plant to bring some green vibes indoors.





The Style Maven Fanatic

  • Ceramic Bergan Vase White
  • Selim Glow Rug
  • Artificial Olive Tree
  • Boulder Stool accent piece
  • Chevron Striped Woven Baskets
  • Macrame Bench
An impressive vessel like this Bergan Vase design is an instant style upgrade! The floor rug from the living room to the entryway completes any space. For a burst of greenery without the fuss, go for the artificial olive tree. Trust me, it's the low-maintenance green buddy. Need an accent piece with added comfort? The boulder stool is your answer. Plus, the woven baskets are like the ideal nesting storage, so handy and stylish. And lastly, this macrame bench gives off that natural organic appeal.


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