Home Accessories for an Instant Style Update

Expressing yourself has never been simpler! Through the easy art of swapping out for a few new accessories and skillfully rearranging items, home accessories become your personal storytellers. These delightful additions work their magic, instantly transforming your living space into a haven of style, leaving it with a polished, cohesive look. Whetherit's the indispensable cozy area rug , a collection of photo frames, or carefully chosen accent pieces, these additions tellsyour story through the things you love. Let's explore some of my personal favorite Shop Woodka style picks to effortlessly add those final, exquisite touches to revive your space and set the tone for your home.


Home Accessories for an Instant Style Update

Accessories to help refresh and renew any room in your home.



Style Tip No.01

Functional Décor

porcelain lion candle holder on a decor box


Look for accessories that serve a purpose while still being visually appealing. Decorative storage baskets, stylish trays, wall hooks, or unique bookends can be functional and decorative pieces. Corral smaller items like glass storage containers, candles, books, or decorative objects on decorative trays while helping with organization. Stylish bookends toshowcase your book collection and keep your books organized and functional and decorative wall hooks with interestingdesigns make a statement for hanging coats, bags, or accessories. With vases and bowls taking center stage as stylish accents on tables, shelves, or countertops as canvases for fresh flowers and decorative orbs.


Picture Frames:

Metal Black Picture Frame

A inexpensive, simple and impactful way to display your favorite images. Placeframes on an accent table as a part of your tablespace with your favorite memories.


Maintain a Cohesive Theme

When you're getting creative with your decor, remember the importance of keeping it tidy. The less clutter, the better! Bepicky about what you include, making sure each item adds to the overall design. Regularly go through your stuff, declutter, and organize to keep everything looking clean and fresh. This way, your carefully chosen theme will shine through, making your space feel just right.




Style Tip No.02

Reflecting With Mirrors And Artwork

large Artwork in Living Room



Mirrors and artwork, the dynamic duo of home decor, can work together to elevate your space and infuse it with personality. Combining mirrors with artwork helps strike a balance, preventing the mirrors from dominating the visual space. Mirrors from standing to hanging are stylish focal points in designs or unique shapes that enhance more than just a reflection part of the room's decor. When placed opposite a bold statement piece or a collection of cherished artworks, mirrors reflect the artistic expression of the artwork in turn complementing each other working hand in hand to give your space a personality injection. 


Shop Woodka Interiors Favorite Accessories for Instant Style Update


Versatility in Arrangement 

Make a beautiful impression to enhance your space from both a practical and style point of view. Experiment with various arrangements when combining mirrors and artwork on your walls. Create a gallery wall by mixing mirrors and framed artwork for a diverse and eclectic look. Alternatively, place a large mirror alongside a collection of smaller artworks to establish a cohesive yet dynamic arrangement.


Style Tip No.03

Texture Variety with Rugs and Throws

Throw in a variety of textures to make your space feel alive and interesting, from the floor to your favorite sofa spot.


A Statement Rug


Layer statement rugs that add warmth or a splash of color from the ground up, anchoring the room and setting the stage for the rest of your interior.



Indoor & Outdoor Area Rugs


A Throw

Bring a plush and soft faux fur throw or chunky knit throw for a visually rich and layered tactile appeal draped over your sofa or bed. Make sure it plays nicely with your color scheme on your seating or resting area for visual and tactile goodness.


Birch Faux Fur Throw on bed


Balance Texture Harmony

When mixing textures and colors with throws, rugs, and other decor elements, stick to a cohesive color scheme that ties the room together. If you have a large, bold-patterned rug, balance it with the dominant color and accent hues in throws or pillows to maintain a successful blend of textures that your decor not only looks good but also functions effectively.



Style Tip No.04

Indoor Botanical Art Garden

Indoor Botanical Art Garden in a terrarium


Creating unique indoor plant displays with greenery adds a refreshing and natural touch to any space. Create a vertical garden by hanging planters at different heights, or build your own terrariums using glass containers.


Decorative Planter Pots

Decorative Metal Planter Pots


Take your plants to new heights. Standing plant pots is the perfect home for your plant while stylishly enhancing your most loved greenery. The modern and minimalist metal planter instantly transforms any corner into a sleek oasis, blending contemporary design with botanical charm.

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